[湖人專欄] The first round of the playoffs against the Grizzlies is not easy

The Lakers started with 2 wins and 10 losses. After the mid-season trade reinforcement was successful, the Lakers made the 0.3% chance of entering the playoffs come true. They will face the Grizzlies in the first round of the playoffs. Grasping several advantages, the Lakers still have a chance to make a comeback and enter the second round after the first round. Key points in several games: 1. Whether the Lakers can take advantage of the weakness of the Grizzlies penalty area Jaren Jackson Jr. is the first to be affected by Adams’ absence. Without Adams’ penalty area, the Grizzlies’ overall rebounding protection has declined to a certain extent. With only Jaren Jackson Jr. left as the main player in the restricted area, the control of the number of fouls has become one of the most important issues. In the two playoff games in his career, he played about 27 minutes and had nearly 4.5 fouls. Foul, and whether the Lakers can grasp this point in the restricted area, hit the Grizzlies restricted area as much as possible, and even do better in offensive rebound protection, convert two waves of tip-ups or two waves of offense, can Jaren Jackson Jr. . Huge defensive pressure will be a break in the game. 2. It must be noted that Luke Kennard’s three-point firepower. Most of the offensive methods of the Lakers Grizzlies are to attack the restricted area. Considering that the defensive efficiency of the two teams is at the level of the league’s top class, it can be seen that whoever opens the offense first will win the most. With a high probability of winning the game, and Luke Kennard joined in the middle of the season, he can make more than 3 three-pointers per game with a shooting rate of more than 50%. The main Morant and players who have played bad battles have more space, and the Grizzlies who are open inside and outside are not the results the Lakers want to see. 3. D’Angelo Russell’s concerns about the playoffs? DLO’s performance in the playoffs has not been very good. After returning from a foot injury and playing a few amazing games, D’Angelo Russell’s performance in the last few games of the season was relatively lost. On the bench, however, the importance of D’Angelo Russell to the Lakers can be seen with the naked eye. He can control the ball and pose a certain threat on the outside. The adjustment of the state will affect the overall offense of the Lakers to a certain extent, especially in the face of the Grizzlies with high peripheral defensive intensity, can they maintain the level of shooting, or become hesitant to shoot? 4. Can seasoned experience lead the team to many experienced players in the Lakers team? Excluding AD and Lao Zhan, D’Angelo Russell, Tristan Thompson, and Dennis Schroder are all experienced players in the competition. They have their experience Leadership is a big plus for playing in the playoffs, and decisions made at critical moments will also determine the direction of the game with a high probability. However, the Lakers also have a few main rotation players who have experienced the first playoffs. The playoffs are more difficult to deal with than the regular games, regardless of defensive intensity, game rhythm, and referee calls. How to quickly adapt to the intensity of the playoffs? Buying fouls under the wider tolerance of body collisions will be a major issue for young players, but the author is not worried about them but rather looks forward to their performance. 5. The Lakers’ offensive mistakes control the Lakers at the end of the regular season. Although they have won a wave of winning streaks, most of their opponents are either resting players for the playoffs or trying to tank for a higher draft spot. The Lakers face These games that seemed to be easy to win were not very easy to win. I think the mentality of the Lakers players at that time always had a feeling that I would definitely chase them back, so they played quite slack and wanted to compete with their opponents. Playing offense led to many unnecessary mistakes. This must be faced with caution. After all, the Lakers’ defensive efficiency is the third-lowest in the league, and Grizzlies Ja Morant is a favorite fast-break player. , so facing the Grizzlies, the control of mistakes will be quite critical.Vincent Prediction: The Lakers advance to the second round 4:2 X facter: Hachimura Lei Photo source: Lakers official Facebook fan page