“2023 NBA Playoffs” Injury is not a reason to lose, without Giannis we should still be a powerhouse in the Eastern Conference

The Miami Heat and the Milwaukee Bucks can be said to be a close-knit combination. This is the third time the two teams have played against each other in four years. Both sides have eliminated each other once in the previous two games. As the leader of the league, the Bucks lost to the Heat today. This result reminded Bucks fans of the fear of being dominated by the Heat during the bubble season. . Injury is far away from the loss of the game. I think the last thing a fan wants to see is an injury befalling his own players, not to mention that today, the stars of both sides have retired due to injuries. In the middle of the first quarter, Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo inadvertently hit Kevin Love, who was about to make an offensive foul, on his back while cutting the ball, and finally had no choice but to withdraw from the game. The Heat’s Taylor Herro was diagnosed with a palm fracture when he rushed to grab the floor ball and landed on the ground. He will have to rest for 4-6 weeks. . Did not take advantage of the size advantage Looking at the entire league, the Bucks can be said to be the team with the best physical condition, whether it is a starter or a bench. And this happened to be the biggest weakness of the Heat team, but it was a pity that they failed to achieve such an effect in the first quarter, and were even interfered by the Heat’s short guard. On the offensive end, the Bucks still want to rely on forward Giannis’ breakthrough to find outside shooting opportunities. However, the Heat did a very good job in perimeter defense in the first quarter today, especially guard Herro bypassing the screen many times to prevent Allen from getting good shots. Not only that, the Bucks’ offense in the first half of the first quarter can be said to have fallen into a vicious circle where I must shoot three-pointers, but forget that I can also use my size advantage to single-play. Especially the elder Lopez is the most serious. Facing Vincent or Strus, who are much shorter than him, he always chooses to stay on the outside to shoot three-pointers or find his teammates to execute hand-off tactics. Even if he chooses to implement tactics first, Lopez still stays on the outside and miss Many opportunities. The offensive rhythm is chaotic, and the defense is lost. When the offensive end Lopez has been staying on the perimeter, Adebayo can stay in the penalty area and cooperate with the rest of the defenders to interfere with Giannis’ cuts. In the first quarter, he had at least three easy points with no defense at all. The defensive end is another old problem for Lopez. Facing the hand-to-hand cooperation between Adebayo and Herro, the interference of being unable to show and take the first shot is to bombard Herro from the outside. The energy guy jumped out to defend the home game. After Giannis was injured, the audience was in a low pressure for a moment, but Portis jumped out to heat up the atmosphere. And he is also very aware of his size advantage, and when the team’s offense crashes, he decisively asks for the ball to play singles in the low post. After many good results in singles, the Bucks realized that they still have this absolute advantage. . In the second quarter, we saw that the Bucks continued to use singles to narrow the point difference with the Heat, because singles are not like the wall that can quickly interfere with players who attack with the ball, causing the Heat’s defense to be somewhat tied. First of all, Middleton’s touch in this game is very hot, and then he failed to let Middleton miss the short guard he wanted. He can still give the ball to Portis to score points in indiscriminate singles. If the Heat choose to double-team Middleton, he has enough time and space to find the outside shooters and make cold shots at any time. . Catching up and trying to save the game. Although the team still insisted on relying on Giannis to break through at the beginning of the game, but after he was injured and retired, head coach Bud was able to deploy the lineup at any time. Such as slowing down the pace of the game and turning it into a half-court battle that Middleton and Portis are good at, so that outside shooters can have more opportunities to shoot in the open after being restrained by the two of them. And in the third quarter, after the shooters seemed to be warming up, they switched to Holiday’s offense to dislocate and break through the Heat’s first-line defense. After attracting the subsequent double-teams, they found the corner teammates who opened up the space on both sides many times, trying to extend front. . The mysterious scheduling of the fourth quarter In this game, Bud still has a lot to discuss about the use of tactical concepts and personnel scheduling, but at least it feels that he made changes on the spot, but the decision in the fourth quarter It’s really totally unacceptable. On the defensive end, after facing Adebayo who has the desire to attack, Lopez still gives him mid-range shots. In the pick-and-roll defense, he uses diamond, which is a defensive method of pinching the ball holder. It is easier to let Adebayo, who has obvious desire to attack, play mid-range. the shot. . The offensive end is to let the two twin towers stand on the periphery to act as high turrets, focusing on the cooperation of dual cores. First of all, he once again forgot his physical disadvantage, and fell into the trap of the Heat’s small ball. When the two men’s hands declined, the team’s offense seemed to be stagnant. Summary Although it is a bit of an afterthought, the author himself predicts that this round of the series will definitely not sweep the Heat as everyone is generally optimistic about, but predicts that the final result will be 4:1. It’s just that I didn’t expect this 1 to come so quickly, and there were more injured soldiers (after the X-ray test after the game, it showed that Giannis’ injuries showed a negative reaction, so there may be no need to worry too much), but as the title said Yes, whether Giannis is injured or not, the Bucks shouldn’t go down in the first round, even against a team as grassroots as the Heat. . Defensively, there are definitely many problems to be solved. If the Heat’s shooting percentage is still so high in the next game, it can really be inclined to let Lopez be a fake starter, and mainly play Show Recover to allow Portis to play more time. The replacement candidate for the substitute end, at least seeing Crowder’s poor outside touch today, immediately freezes up. You can try to thaw Connaughton in the future. In the first and third quarters, there will be a vacancy that is hard to come by, but because of the green leaf player’s The hesitation caused the last shot to disappear, and a new wave of offense had to be organized. A decisive shot from Connaughton is what we need. I think the performance of the dual-core team has reached their level and expectations today except for the control of the periphery. In the first quarter, Holiday had to take the ball more decisively to dominate the game. The team used a lot of cutting passes to find open teammates. Good thing, but this is a basketball game. Our goal is to score more points than our opponents, not to compare between teammates. Therefore, we must be decisive if we can score on our own. The outside shooter is so good today that he can score two points Also fractions. After completing the game again, the team actually did what it should have done. It was really helpless to blow the whistle immediately at the critical moment of overtaking the score, or the Heat sprayed in all kinds of bold three-pointers. Although he lost the game, the adjustment of his overall psychological quality is not like the situation where he underestimated the enemy and beat the Bulls in the first discussion last year. Just wait quietly for Giannis’ return to pick up his mentality again and grab the four games steadily.