4 people held India vs New Zealand match tickets for black marketing

Indore (Madhya Pradesh): Four people were arrested Monday in the Indore region of Madhya Pradesh for allegedly engaging in black marketing alluding to tickets for an India v New Zealand cricket match on social media, police said.

The city’s Tejaji Nagar police also confiscated 16 tickets from the accused. The accused were identified as Shanu, Azaz, Vikram and Tushar. A cricket match between India and New Zealand will be held on 24 January at Holkar Stadium in the city.

Additional Police Commissioner (ADCP) Jaiveer Singh Badhauria said: “We have been informed that tickets for the upcoming India v New Zealand cricket match to be played here on 24 January are for sale on Instagram. Based on the information, the police have been locked up. Posing as guests The accused was arrested as a criminal in the act,” he said. He added that “cases have been registered against all defendants under Section 22A/25 of the MP Entertainment Duty and Advertising Tax Rules, 1942, and further investigations into this matter are ongoing.”

3 people arrested

Recently, on January 19th, 3 people were arrested for blackmailing tickets for the same game, and the police recovered a total of 9 tickets from them. On the same day, the Criminal Investigation Unit also arrested three members of the gang for running an online cricket betting network in the city.

The accused operated a website and had offices in the Vijay Nagar district of the city. They provided an online platform for bookies to bet on cricket matches by taking money.

Cases registered under the Gambling Act

Additional Police Commissioner (ADCP) Guru Prasad Parashar said the crime branch team had received a tip from a source that online cricket match betting was being conducted in Airen Heights, Vijay Nagar. Based on the information, a team of crime branch police rushed to the scene. The team discovers that the gang’s manager, Vishal Solanki, is placing bets via mobile and computer.

“When questioned by the team, defendant Solanki said that he and his colleagues had set up a control room for betting operations through a website. They provided ID passwords to 65 locations through an online mode and supervised them there.” he said.

“Police registered a case under the Gambling Act and arrested the manager and two of his associates on the spot. Police also confiscated 10 mobiles, 2 computers and other materials in the possession of the accused,” Parashar added. It is.

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