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Windows defragmenter gets better with the best defrag software for Windows. You may be wondering why your PC is running so slowly despite running the latest Windows updates and having plenty of RAM and plenty of storage space on your hard disk.

Defragmentation in Windows is nothing new. Most people overlook the defragmentation feature, but there are cases where you have formatted your PC all in the name of running low performance. Run faster.

Perhaps you understand how defragmentation software works and are looking for the perfect defragmentation tool to use on your PC. In today’s NaijaKnowHow topic, we highlighted the best defrag software for Windows PCs. You can also use this software on latest OS like Windows 7 and 10 and 11.

List of the best defrag software for Windows PC

Defragmentation is quite different from cleaning your PC and reducing junk, cache, etc. Activities like this are mostly done by PC cleaner software, but defragmentation in Windows is done by other types of software. So, without talking too much, let’s take a look at these defragmentation software for Windows.

1. Smart Defrag

smart defrag

Dealing with large files that tend to slow down your computer can sometimes be a tedious task. Another way to deal with this stress is to use a defrag tool like Smart Defrag. This is really one of the best you will come across, it works on most Windows OS and the best feature is that it is a free download.

Smart Defrag offers the best defrag tool, can defrag your boot time and improve your computer loading time, supports multi-threading and has features for gamers too. Smart Defrag acts as a perfect game booster software for Windows users.

2. O&O Defrag

O&O defragmentation

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Unlike some defragmentation software where you choose the storage type, the O&O is quite different and you can defragment your computer and get more performance than ever, even if you are using a solid state drive (SSD) or hard disk drive (HDD). . . The software offers simplicity, has a friendly user interface, and users new to O&O Defrag will have no problems.

O&O works on most Windows OS and defragments your PC in a way that properly handles any files that are slowing down your computer. There is only one downside to using O&O. The free version is sometimes limited to certain features, but nonetheless it is still one of the best defrag software for Windows.

3. Defragler


Speeding up your computer is not closing background apps or restarting your PC after slow performance. Sometimes defragmentation is necessary, and tools like Defraggler make it even better. Defraggler allows you to speed up your computer and also allows users to set up automatic defragmentation that runs daily, weekly and monthly.

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This software is very easy to use, has great features and can even be used as a cleaner for your PC. It can clear your cache and junk, and it also helps remove unwanted Windows updates that have failed to install on your PC.

4. Wisecare365

Defrag software for Windows

Wise Care 365 is another defragmentation software you might consider using on your PC. Before starting this software, you should know that it has a free version and a pro version. We all know that the free version is mostly limited to certain features.

Well, using Wise care 365 is not a bad choice. Besides working as a defragmentation tool, there are many functions that this software works with. It’s also a great registry cleaner and can even disable the startup of some apps. Automatically Wise Care 365 is one of the best defrag software for Windows.

5. Systweak Advanced Disk Speed ​​Up

Defrag software for Windows

There are two ways you can enjoy better performance optimization on your PC while using Systweak Advanced Disk Speedup. You can get different performance levels in game mode and normal mode, and the software automatically optimizes performance based on what you’re doing. It is a great defragmentation tool and helps your computer run faster.

Systweak Advanced Disk Speedup is very easy to use, provides safety, no files or folders are damaged while being defragmented, and also acts as a firewall software due to its ability to block malware or ransomware from attacking your computer.

6. Ultra Defrag

Defrag software for Windows

UltraDefrag handles defragmentation on all types of storage, be it your SSD or HDD. If you need a defrag tool to defragment your PC and improve its performance, UltraDefrag is one of the best tools available. It has recorded maximum performance on Windows 10 and is also very easy to use.

UltraDefrag is one of the best defrag software for Windows. You can set the defragmentation mode, it has a simple user interface and improves the performance when starting and operating your PC. If you need a tool that will defragment your PC perfectly, UltraDefrag is your choice.

7. Increase disk speed

increase disk speed

If you are looking for one of the best defrag software for Windows, you should consider using Disk SpeedUp. This tool is very fast and boosts your performance to the maximum. It can be used to defragment any storage type, has a friendly interface and works with most Windows operating systems.

You can set presets and schedule defragmentation according to your preferences. This software is fast and efficient. It makes defragmentation very easy on any Windows PC and this is one of the best reasons to use it.


When it comes to defragmenting your PC, there are many tools available. Based on various studies, the list of defragmentation software listed above shows that these toolsets are the best and most effective software to defragment hard disks or solid state drives on Windows PCs.

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