A video of YouTuber ‘Godfather Teddy’ dancing on train tracks in a bear costume in Gorakpur, UP went viral and led to his arrest.

Watch: YouTuber ‘Teddy Godfather’ arrested after a video of him dancing on a track in a bear costume went viral in Gorakhpur, UP | Twitter: Arvind Chauhan

Gorakhpur: A YouTuber known for his funky teddy bear outfit was spotted dancing at a railroad crossing in Uttar Pradesh. However, the act was reported as dangerous and against the norms and occurred after the teddy bear was arrested by the Railroad Protection Force (RPF).

A man dressed as a teddy bear with more than 1,000 YouTube subscribers has been identified as Sunil Kumar. Videos of his actions went viral on social media. In the video, we can see him displaying his social media identity with a costume conveying information about his online presence. ‘Godfather Teddy’ is known to netizens as the title he calls himself.

Watch the video:

Sunil makes a living playing the role of a teddy bear.

The accused, residing in Kundaghat under Shahpur Police Station, was booked under Railway Act 145 (nuisance). The man arrested was identified as Sunil Kumar, 22. The accused said he makes a living acting as a teddy bear at children’s birthday parties, fairs, and parks.

The video was filmed by a bystander, not a YouTuber.

According to the RPF, the video of Sunil Kumar’s conduct was filmed by a passerby jumping off a manned crossing as an express and freight train were passing by on Sunday evening.

Police “violation of the railroad law…

“Sunil not only violated railway rules, he risked his life. He was arrested by Deputy Inspector Deepak of the RPF Post at Kanth Railway Station, Gorakhpur,” said Chandra Mohan Mishra, senior commander of the North Eastern Railway (NER).

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