After the order was withdrawn, 310 patients voluntarily stayed in the isolation camp, and more than 60 people applied for admission


[Legit News 247News]The government revoked the quarantine order yesterday, and the COVID-19 patients in the Penny’s Bay Community Isolation Facility can leave. They can take a special train to Tsing Yi MTR Station, or leave on their own after notifying the staff. However, if you have your own needs, such as the elderly and other high-risk people in your family, you can choose to stay. New patients can also contact the Fire Department to voluntarily stay in an isolation facility for up to 7 days. The relevant transitional arrangements will remain until the 28th of next month. The Security Bureau replied that as of 5:00 p.m. yesterday, about 230 people had left the isolation facility, and about 310 people stayed behind. The Fire Services Department replied that as of 4:00 noon yesterday, a total of 64 new applications had been received, of which 18 had been sent to isolation facilities, and the remaining 46 were being processed.


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