Apple now offers a lower amount on select iPhone trade-ins.

As mentioned in , following the recently announced the and new MacRumors Apple has quietly adjusted the trade-in values ​​it offers for its own devices. In the US, iPhone models are now often worth less than before. For example, if you’re planning a trade-in soon, Apple says it’ll give you up to $570 off the purchase of a new device. Previously, the company’s 2021 flagship could fetch up to $650. Other iPhone 13 models have similarly depreciated. Starting this week, the iPhone 13 Pro is available for purchase at a discount of up to $470, down from the previously expected up to $550. Meanwhile, trade-in prices for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini have been reduced from current $450 and $380 to a maximum of $400 and $350, respectively.

Not all iPhones have lost trade-in value. For example, as before this week, you can get up to $200 for the iPhone 11. The same goes for older models like the iPhone X and iPhone 8. The value of the iPad trade-in has not diminished either. Bring your iPad Pro to your nearest Apple Store and the company is giving you up to $445. Interestingly, Apple is now offering more for most Mac trade-ins. Specifically, older MacBook Pro models can now expect up to $670 on their next purchase, up from $630, and up to $460 on their next purchase, up from $440 on older MacBook Airs. You can find a full list of trade-in values ​​here.

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