Ashmit Patel of Sector Balakot: "It’s purely a war business, and there’s some action."

Ashmit Patel is back on the big screen.Sector Balakot: War Economy. He plays a terrorist in the film. It is headed by Hitesh Paulbhai Khristy. Also, Vipul Gupta and Puneet Isaar play pivotal roles. A trailer for the film was recently released and is set for a theatrical release on February press journal, the actor talks about the film and his role and looks back on his journey. extract:

Is this movie an amalgamation of all world wars or wars between specific countries?

It tells collectively about wars, acts of terrorism, and wars that have taken place all over the world. But it doesn’t focus on anything in particular.

How easy was it to play the terrorist?

I’ve played a terrorist before. My character Abu Salim in the web series Peshawar was motivated by jihad and it was a revenge story in which his family was attacked. So he took his personal revenge. But this is different. In the Balakot sector, it is purely a war business. There is some motion.

Sohail Khan has lent his support to release your song. What would you like to say about the Khans?

They continue to amaze me with their generosity. I messaged him to attend the launch and reveal everything. He gladly accepted my invitation. It was a little late on the launch day, so I asked the guests to inform me of the delay. Khans are very realistic. There are no words to express my immense love for my family. Alvira Khan Agnihotri attaches a rakhi to me every year. Their love for me is immense and vice versa.

You’ve had a hard time. So how do you view your journey?

It is survival of the fittest. I thank the universe I think it’s still very relevant. I don’t know why, but it has to do with karma. I think I’m a good human being. I have never intentionally hurt anyone, nor have I ever acted recklessly. I’m a pretty good soul. Maybe it has something to do with my work.

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what are your expectationsSector Balakot: War Economy?

Given the current situation, it is difficult to place high expectations on box office success. But it’s a big boost for us that Pathaan is doing well. Somewhere people are heading to the theater right now. The pandemic broke that habit. The convenience of having OTT content at your fingertips whenever you want was too much to justify going to the theater. I hope Pathaan will give people a chance to understand what they are missing out on and they will start going to the theater regularly.

As far as my movies go, it’s a very small movie. I cannot take the names of Pathaan and Balakot in the same breath. No comparison to Shah Rukh Khan. But we are a small movie with a big heart. Everyone can relate to it and put their whole heart and soul into it. If people watch and enjoy my movies, that is enough. The rest is up to fate.

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