[Baseball Raffle Game]Zhang Yu’s first hit of the season is the first home run plus 8 game-winning comeback hits (video included)

Today, Zhang Yucheng, wearing the No. 42 jersey of the Red Sox, got rid of the slump in the opening season. He scored two of four in a single game. He made the first safety and the first home run of the season. In the second half of the eighth inning, he hit a winning comeback hit. When all this happened on Jackie Robinson Day , What a dream! Zhang Yucheng, the hero of the victory (photo source: Red sox twitter) In 1947, Jackie Robinson became the first black player in the history of the major league. In 1997, it was the fiftieth anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s entry into the major leagues. The major league officials officially retired the No. 42 players of all teams to commemorate this great player. Jackie Robinson, the first black player in major league history April 15, 2007 is the 60th anniversary of Jackie Robinson entering the major league. On Sunday, fans will see players from the 30 major league teams wearing the No. 42 jersey to commemorate this human rights fighter who is not just a player. Jackie Robinson Day Today, MLB is in full bloom. According to statistics, there are 269 international players on the rosters of major league teams this season, and Zhang Yucheng is currently the only player from Taiwan. The excellent performance of WBC made Taiwanese fans know Zhang Yucheng again, and they also pay more attention to his performance in the major leagues this season. However, he fell into a big slump at the beginning of the season. Not only the fans and critics in Taiwan, but I believe he himself should feel the same. Be anxious, after all, in the major leagues, there are players behind at any time. In the WBC, Zhang Yucheng, who had a hot batting experience, fell into the trough of the hit drought period. Zhang Yucheng, who played against the Angels on 4/15 US time, still gained the trust of the coaching staff and served as the starting ninth shortstop. Although he hit a ground out in the first bat and went 19 consecutive bats with 17 hits without a hit, but in the second half of the fourth inning, he faced the starting pitcher Tyler Anderson with a man on the second base, and the outside corner was low. The 88.9mph fastball hit a two-run RBI comeback home run that flew over the green monster in the left field. The first hit was the first home run, which not only ended the low tide of consecutive no-hitters, but also helped the team lead 5:4. Chang Gang, wya??? pic.twitter.com/rlu03tpJmx — Red Sox (@RedSox) April 15, 2023 Although the Red Sox pitchers still couldn’t hold down the Angels hit the line, they immediately spit back the leading score. But in the second half of the eighth inning, when the bases were loaded with an out, Zhang Yucheng faced a missed sinker from Ryan Tepera of the Angels bullpen, and hit a left field single that crossed the three-way defense line, returning two. Runner, once again helped the team lead by 8:7. In the end, the Red Sox defeated the Angels 9:7, and Zhang Yucheng also became the winning RBI of the game. YUUUUUUUUUUUU pic.twitter.com/jiKvfRRswh — Red Sox (@RedSox) April 15, 2023 4-2, one homer, four RBIs and the trademark toothy smile again. I hope this game can turn on Zhang Yu’s attack this season. Still have to say, when all this happened on Jackie Robinson Day, what a dream!The first security first blasted out of the oven, and finally showed a pressure-relieving smile