[Basketball Classroom]Find the problem from the mistakes, a few simple steps let you know how to face the “pick-and-roll attack”

There are thousands of changes in pick-and-roll offense and defense. Coaches often give designated actions for players to practice, rather than creating situations and then adjusting and improving. The coaches in this film hope that players will create problems in actual combat and then let the coaches do concepts and Technical corrections. The basic concept of pick-and-roll (PNR) defense, without the establishment of any system, the defender guarding the ball, when he hears his teammates say: “Block, block!” 』You need to choose one side to block. At this time, the screener’s defense needs to help defend the other side. The helper is choosing a high or low position. The following four simple steps will allow you to quickly break the screen attack: The defender calls the block to tell the teammate that someone is going to screen (Call Screen). As soon as the block is heard, the defender defending the ball changes the angle (angle your position) and presses the attacker. On one side (Force to one side) The help defender needs to be on the other side of the keeper (Honor his foot) PNR Defense -1 (High Flat) The help defender is parallel to the center line and stays on the line of the descending center and the possession of the ball (line of the roller), remember not to go beyond that passing line, the main task is to slow down the speed of the ball, restore the ball, and defend to the declining center. A team of two with one ball, change from offense to defense or directly change two sets of arc top positions and wait for No. 5 player to cover, and conduct actual offense and defense. Squeeze out, but in some specific situations, you can choose to go behind the screener (Under), assuming that the attacker has no outside line, the attacker cuts in very hard, or the position of receiving the ball is far away from the attack range, 2 detailed steps let you Easier to bypass the screener: When the offensive player uses the screen, use the “back turn” to bypass the defender at the last moment. You don’t need to get too close to the attacker. Stand directly in the attacker’s attack line and wait. The following is a walkthrough The 3-on-3 Drag Action method uses the screens of “side with the ball” and “side without the ball” to create offensive opportunities. Through this method, you can better understand the offensive mode of the pick-and-roll, and you can also be proficient in using it in the 3-on-3 arena! 3 on 3 trailer combat exercise (Drag Action) Start from the top of the arc and pass to one of the two wings. Option 1: Screen directly for the ball and do a one-sided PNR. Option Two: Go the wrong side and screen for the off-ball, allowing #3 to come up and catch the ball. On the 5th, Shunshi made another TPNR, and on the 1st, he sank to the bottom and waited for the opportunity. Reference video: We often tell players what is correct and what is not correct, but what happens on the field is ever-changing, encourage players to think independently, and then correct it through training, I will give you the following passage, Textbooks are only for reference. Only by actually experiencing and activating every concept and technique can the content of the competition be more diversified. Don’t win game with a book. You build system with a book, you build habit with a book, but theplayers play, coaches coach. Learn more: Team EMPOWER Youth Weekend Basketball Club (9~15 years old) EMPOWER RISE Youth Weekend Basketball Club (over 16 years old) EMPOWER SPARK Youth Community Basketball Club (age group team) Further reading:[Tactical Explanation]The new trend of NBA pick-and-roll tactics, “SPAIN PICK ROLL”[Basketball Classroom]Use pick-and-roll to let you have more More attack options[Basketball Classroom]Understand the “block” of “Pick and Roll”, so that you can better understand how to help your teammates cover