Beaglu Ultimate Airgel Sleeping Bag -40°C

Bigglue airgel sleeping bag

Outdoor adventurers looking for a sleeping bag that will keep them comfortable in temperatures as low as -40°C will be interested in the new waterproof, windproof and ultra lightweight airgel sleeping bag Biigloo. Released on Kickstarter this month, the sleeping bag is now available at a special promotional price for the next 37 days. And thanks to more than 100 backers, the project has already exceeded its required pledge goal of raising over $20,000 since launch.

Worldwide shipping is available, with deliveries scheduled to begin next month in February 2023, Designers said. You can take an initial bird pledge from roughly $159 or £129 for a new project. (depending on the current exchange rate)During Kickstarter Crowdfunding, we are offering a significant discount of approximately 40% off the final retail price.

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“Sleeping under the stars has been a dream for many people for a long time. But trying to do so on solid ground in sub-zero conditions has alienated most of us. In the next 4 minutes, we’ll introduce you to the lightest, warmest and most comfortable solution to get you ready for the extreme cold in insane temperatures of -40°F/-40°C.

airgel sleeping bag

airgel sleeping bag

Imagine being in -40°F/-40°C conditions in the wild but still able to sleep comfortably through cold nights. Does that sound unreal? Well, now you’re in good hands with our lightest, feature-rich innovation integrated with Aerogel, a NASA aerospace insulation technology! No more bulky layers for warmth! The Biigloo sleeping bag is designed for adventures at high altitudes and extreme conditions. It’s the definition of versatile, ultra-light, ultra-warm outdoor gear for your next (very cold) adventure.”

If the Beaglu campaign successfully achieves the required pledge goals and the implementation goes smoothly, worldwide shipping will be carried out around March 2023.

“In 1931, American scientist Samuel Stephens Kistler invented aerogels. NASA put it to practical use, first integrating it into blankets for astronauts and later inside spacesuits. Airgel has a unique material structure that provides excellent insulating performance. 1mm of airgel can withstand extreme temperatures down to -40°F/-40°C.


For a full list of all available backing options, stretch goals, additional media and specifications for the airgel sleeping bag, check out the link below to go to the official Biigloo crowdfunding campaign page.

Source: Kickstarter

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