Bethesda Softworks and Tango Gameworks Announce Hi-Fi RUSH, Rhythm Action Game for Xbox Series and PC Available Now



Publisher Bethesda Softworks and developer Tango Gameworks have announced a rhythm action game. hifi rush For Xbox series and PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store). It is currently available through Xbox Game Pass for $29.99.


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hifi rush A single-player rhythm action game from award-winning studio Tango Gameworks. Ghostwire: Tokyo And inner evil. in hifi rush, the whole world moves to the beat. From the trees swaying in the environment to each strike you land during combat, everything is automatically synced to the game music with great animations.

Players take on the role of Chai, a freewheeling slacker with rockstar ambitions. During a technical procedure to receive a robotic arm, he discovers an unexpected “bonus” when a music player is fused to a power unit. If that’s not enough, the company behind the experiment marks him as “defective”, making him a target for inactivation. With a squad of corporate overlords and an army of robots, Chai must take down the company’s ruthless business leaders and escape with rhythmic combat and the help of a motley crew of allies.

key features

  • Gameplay always in sync – all elements of the world hifi rush Synchronized with the game’s soundtrack. The battle sequences are perfectly tuned to the rhythm of the music, allowing for exhilarating and extremely satisfying gameplay. hifi rush It is a rhythm action game with an emphasis on action. The player’s movements are not dictated by the music as in traditional rhythm games. Players have full action game freedom, but as they input their moves with the beat, the player’s attacks are amplified with the music.
  • full of personalityhifi rush It features a variety of characters with unique personalities and skills that help Chai defeat villains and enhance the game’s playful atmosphere. hifi rush It’s unlike anything Tango Gameworks has created before and offers a lighthearted, humorous gameplay experience that everyone can enjoy.
  • addictive musichifi rush Featuring a lively and catchy soundtrack of licensed songs, from well-known rockers to a few inspired cuts that keep players engaged and headbanging while playing. Both licensed and original music hifi rush It offers more than just background music, with each track matching the level’s characters, environments, platforms, and pace of combat.
  • dynamic visual – From adorable animated gags to vivid cartoon effects hifi rush Lively and fun. hifi rush‘s visual style not only appeals to a wide audience, it’s also easy on players’ hardware and doesn’t require an expensive graphics card to look vibrant and great on Xbox or PC.
  • streamer mode – For those who want to live stream hifi rush or post online game play; hifi rush It features a streamer mode that replaces the game’s licensed tracks with original songs. This mod allows streamers and content creators to stream and publish gameplay without the risk of low claims, takedowns, and muting. This option is toggled in Gameplay Settings. Even if players take these actions, there is no guarantee that external parties or software will not interfere with the posted content due to forces beyond their control. However, using streamer mods is meant to reduce the chances of that happening.

license track (Not visible in streamer mode)

  1. Nine Inch Nails – “1,000,000”
  2. Nine Inch Nails – “The Perfect Pill”
  3. The Black Keys – “The Lonely Boy”
  4. Prodigy – “The invader must die”
  5. The Joy Formidable – “Whirring”
  6. Number Girl – “Inazawa Chainsaw”
  7. Wolfgang Gartner – “Wolfgang Symphony No. 5”
  8. Zwan – “honestly”

deluxe edition

included in hifi rush Deluxe Edition:

  • hifi rush (base game)
  • 2 Chai costumes*
  • Seven Bonus Chai T-Shirt
  • 808 Theme Guitar Skin
  • 808 Alternate Skin
  • Gears Starter Pack with 20,000 Gears to unlock combat skills and other upgrades. (Note: Gear is earned through in-game combat and exploration and cannot be used as a purchasable currency.)

*The difference outfit includes a hairstyle, scarf, jacket, pants, and shoes, so you can mix and match T-shirts and other skins.

Note: Gear is ready for immediate use after purchase. Players have access to other items after passing through the opening stages and can change outfits in the hideout.

Watch the set of trailers below. View a series of screenshots in the gallery.


trailer start


Gameplay Deep Dive Trailer



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