Blue Tick on Twitter is available for Rs 1500, and this guy is selling it on Twitter itself.

Twitter blue tick allegations: Elon Musk Before taking over the reins, the microblogging platform was distributed free of charge by Twitter. But now, to get this blue tick, Elon Musk has locked in a price. This means that if you want the blue tick, you will have to spend $8 (approximately Rs 653) per month. If people are having trouble getting the blue tick, tell them now that a person on Twitter is fearlessly asking for money in the name of getting the blue tick.

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Twitter user Ashish Urmalia (@TheJournalistIN) tweeted recently, in which he wrote something that might surprise everyone.

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Yes, this person tweeted that anyone who wants to get a Blue Tick should contact me. If people want a Blue Tick, they can get it by paying a fee of Rs 1500.

Twitter Blue: This person who received Rs 1500 is getting replies properly

People are also getting sharp reactions to this tweet made by Ashish Urmaliya, with some people asking how to contact you. That said, the response to this tweet is mixed.

For this tweet, the person who received the blue tick for 1500 rupees said, “I will only get the blue tick for 645 rupees. Beware of such solicitations…

One wrote that Twitter offers blue ticks for 800 rupees, why would anyone give you 1500 rupees?

One person wrote on Twitter that they were plundering Rs 824 by scamming the general public directly.

Android, iPhone and web users are charged this much for Blue Tick.

For people’s information, for each platform Elon Musk has fixed different price for Blue Tick, Apple users will be charged Rs 999 for Blue Tick. Blue Tick’s monthly fee for Android users is $11 (approximately Rs 898). At the same time, web users have different rates.

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