“BullsH1T: 2022-23” play-off against Toronto Raptors: Hard-won persistence and commitment

To communicate with Bulls fans, you can join[Bulls Fans Discussion Club]For more good articles, please go to the new[AhUtopian Sports Talk]If you want to discuss legal and business cooperation, please go to[Siye Youyu-Yu Zongming Lawyer]Talking about the Chicago Bulls and the Toronto riot Before the dragon play-offs, I would like to mention one thing first. In the latest Podcast between Wakanda PlayOne and Northern California’s next-door Lao Wang, it was mentioned that Mike Brown communicated with the team this season, including players and management, They all signed an agreement on their own positioning and development this season. Although it seems very formalistic, it means that everyone is willing to work hard to make this commitment more important. In the process of construction and cohesion of each team, there will inevitably be different degrees of consensus cohesion and realization between individuals and teams. It requires continuous accumulation, verification, and practice. Team culture is the dynamic accumulation, presentation, and feeling in this ongoing process. Back to the Bulls, when the current uniform team and Billy Donovan began to take over the team, especially when the Nikola Vucevic deal was made, every time the players changed, now this player pays more attention to the development of the team’s personal positioning. In the era of new highs, the coaching staff and the uniform team, whether they are in contract or free agents to be contacted, will definitely have discussions and consensus on positioning, use and even prioritizing the formation of routes. The requirements and expectations behind these consensuses are sometimes not necessarily beneficial to the current data performance of the players. For example, Nikola Vucevic, Patrick Williams, or Andre Drummond are very direct examples. Sometimes the reason for players to buy in may be It’s for the team’s record, and sometimes it may be knowing that this is the way he can get a chance to play in the current lineup. How do you feel when your record is not as good as expected before the mid-season trading deadline due to the main reason of Lonzo Ball’s injury today, so how do you feel? It’s actually a trap for me to use you here. When you are Vucevic who has worked hard for the team’s record for a year and a half, what do you think of this team? Do you feel that your own data and evaluation will be dragged down, so that you may not be able to get the next good contract? When you are Coby White who has been cooperating with the team’s need to adjust positioning and focus on ball skills training, how do you tell Dalen Terry or Williams to trust the coach? Without sufficient communication with the players, a drastic change of course and changes in the team’s direction and tactical positioning over the past few years, the trust established between the players and the management over the past few seasons, this trust is an important part of our aforementioned team culture. Serious damage. When you have participated in the formation of a team yourself, you will know how difficult it is to make up for this damage. As Bulls fans, since the Jimmy Butler trade case, how many dog ​​skins and BullsHit have we experienced without a team culture? Why start from here, the content of the game, especially the key to the transition game, is related to a lot of persistence and trust. Zach LaVine’s heroism in the second half washed away, if not completely, some of the stereotypes that many people thought he couldn’t help the team win in the crunch time, even if those stereotypes didn’t take into account last season’s playoffs. The disappointing performance was the result of his willingness to play for the team with his unhealed knee. It can even be said that this is the first big scene in his NBA career when he plays a healthy game. The performance of offense and defense and even the intelligence of the game made me feel gratified to watch him strive to become a better player; I know that sooner or later he will prove himself, the only fear is not in the Bulls. In this game, he has torn off the label that he has been protected behind DeMar DeRozan for the past two seasons. In the next game against the Miami Heat, he will face another label, that is, Butler; Let yourself be qualified to face-to-face on this stage without any scruples or reasons. Williams’ defense against Pascal Siakam in the second half, as well as the dunk and the three-pointer, made those who forgot how young he was, and the crucial second season was almost ruined by injury, and kept complaining that he was not as good as expected, but did not pay attention to his growth and contribution. Man, it has to be acknowledged that he’s already a big factor for the Bulls on this critical stage, as I expected on the fan page. White is also the same. Since he joined, the Bulls’ offensive axis has been continuously changing, which has affected his performance and positioning. He has always clearly recognized that the value he can give on the court will be greater than the trade value evaluated by the outside world. For me, I saw that he can control the tempo steadily and wait for the opportunity to contribute when he starts and calms down in this game. Although there is no shadow of him in the important play at the critical moment, but without his bench output, we can’t wait for these critical moments at all. . Alex Caruso and Patrick Beverley, the first half did not deal well with the size and pressure of the Raptors, but they still held their ground, at least there were no turnovers, and even I was not sure whether to put two guards on the court at the critical moment Questioned, the veteran echoed Donovan’s trust. Not just the defensive end and Hustle Playsss (three s’s are used because there are a lot of them), but also Caruso’s every offensive and defensive transition. The two of them still have to deal with the outside space that should be shot, even after the cold feeling in the first half. Just vote and vote, and achieved several key moments in the reversal stage. There are still too many persistence, implementation and accumulation, including Vucevic’s offensive passing, gap control and some key moments of defense. Even against Fred VanVleet, he still used his feet to defend until the end; if the Bulls fans still have an impression , This is like a portrayal of the reversal against the Memphis Grizzlies at the end of the season. Diar DeRozan also used his own voice to remind everyone on the court that, compared to whether it really affects the free throws of the Raptors, as a father, DeRozan or as an elder teammate, you are qualified to stand on the court , Hearing this voice, I was telling myself how could I give up earlier than this girl? An ace who proves that he is ready to play, a young wing who really seizes the opportunity to change the flow on both ends of the offense and defense, a young guard who can control, shoot, defend and hold his ground, the next step of a team, built on these three Players who have a good attitude and have proven themselves on the big stage are accompanied by a team culture that really does not give up and continues to accumulate. I like this kind of future. As for the next opponents, the Heat and the possible Milwaukee Bucks, the former we have been very good at dealing with all season, but Butler in the playoffs is always awesome; Lineup too. Anyway, enjoy the competition and the game.