CASETiFY pushes the Galaxy S23 series transparent phone case without a case

At the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event held last night, the Galaxy S23 series officially met with everyone. Friends who want to change their phones have to wait, because it is known that Hong Kong will not know when it will go on sale until next week at the earliest, but before it goes on sale, you can check it out first. Get the Galaxy S23 mobile phone series protective case officially launched by CASETiFY today, and the new phone can be fully protected as soon as you get it.

The Galaxy S23 series mobile phone cases launched by CASETiFY this time are divided into several types. The extra-strong anti-drop mobile phone case, which will be released on February 2, incorporates the patent-pending technology EcoShock on the inner side and corners. After the test, it can pass 130 More than 11.5 feet drop test and 5 times the general military-grade standard. The extra-strong drop-resistant mobile phone case supports S23 and S23+ models, and the price is from $549 to $589. Of course, it can also be used for personalization options such as custom names, patterns and designs.

Users can also choose to add EcoShock technology to the inner side, which is more protective and strong anti-drop mobile phone case. This model successfully passed the 8.2-foot drop test 104 times, has 4 times the military-grade standard, and is more suitable for the S23 Ultra, priced at $469 to $549.

If you want to buy a protective case with high protection but can highlight the color of the new phone, CASETiFY transparent mobile phone case is a good choice. The case is tested to withstand drops from up to 6.6 feet and has a 1x military grade rating. Equipped with unique UV Defender technology, the protective shell is exposed to ultraviolet radiation, and even tested with stained liquids such as mustard, red wine, and coffee. It has high anti-tarnish protection and provides continuous transparency. However, this protective case will not be launched until March.

CASETiFY clear phone cases are equipped with UV Defender technology for high protection against tarnish.

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