Committing ‘pollution’ again at MGM!

Indore (Madhya Pradesh): Another case of rampage was reported at the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College on Sunday night. The superior police were notified of the incident at the hostel.

After the police notified the university authorities, the police took action and sent the Directors, Dr. VS Pal and Dr. Manish Purohit, to the hostel and the Dean, Dr Sanjay Dixit, also arrived on the scene to investigate the incident.

According to the source, some students informed senior police officers about the begging, and also mentioned that they were harassed by senior officers who called them to their rooms around 3 a.m.

A team of doctors asked about 40 students gathered in one block about the rag problem, but remained silent and did not confirm the case.

Later, the university administration tried to talk to the students individually, calmed them down, and also ensured that the anonymity of the accused was maintained.

On Monday, the anti-lagging committee held a meeting at the university to discuss the nature of the complaint, while also examining other aspects of the complaint as the committee had not received any formal or written complaints from any student(s). .

“After we learned about the incident, we took immediate action. We have spoken with our juniors and an investigation is ongoing. If the investigation finds a student guilty, appropriate and decisive action will be taken,” said Dean Sanjay Dixit.

Meanwhile, Tahjib Kaji, head of the Sanyogitaganj Police Department, said that no nuisance complaints had been received and that he had only asked the university administration to conduct routine drills.

11 students suspended for 3 months in December

This isn’t the first riotous “incident” at the university, as 11 students were suspended from the university for three months after being convicted in the rags incident. These students were also booked into the relevant section of the IPC and the police arrested them after a long two-month investigation. A third-year student filed a complaint with UGC’s National Anti-Ragging Committee, with screenshots of social media chats, locations, and recordings of the incident as evidence.

Later, the police launched an investigation and deciphered the case with the help of an undercover cop.

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