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8 Tips for Saving Energy in Air Conditioners

‧Avoid installing the air conditioner in places exposed to direct sunlight.

‧Do not block the air inlet and outlet of the air conditioner.

‧When using the air-conditioner, it is advisable to draw the curtains to help prevent direct sunlight from shining on the room. Close the doors and windows as much as possible to maintain the indoor temperature.

‧The temperature of the air conditioner does not need to be adjusted too low to save electricity. After returning home in summer, you can take a bath or drink water to help the body cool down.

‧Turn on the air conditioner and electric fan at the same time to save power. The power consumption of the electric fan is much lower than that of the air conditioner, and the air conditioner and the electric fan are turned on at the same time to blow the cold air closer, and the temperature setting of the air conditioner can be adjusted higher.

‧If the air conditioner has a time switch, you can preset the shutdown time to avoid using it for too long or forgetting to turn it off. Remember to turn off the air conditioner before going out.

‧When the weather is slightly cooler, use a fan as much as possible.

‧It is advisable to clean the dust filter, air inlet and air outlet once every two weeks during summer to avoid affecting the performance. It is also advisable to regularly arrange experienced technicians to inspect, maintain and repair the air conditioner to ensure the normal operation of the machine parts.

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