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8 types of pesticide-free dried goji berries (brand/product name/suggested retail price)

‧Wai Yuan Tang/Ningxia Wolfberry (Organic Raw Material)/$88 (300g)

‧Sunfood Super Foods/Raw Organic Goji Berries/$146 (227g)

‧Dian DianGreen/Organic top wolfberries/$82 (180g)

‧Livi Green/Organic Instant Goji Fruit/$49 (120g)

‧Tzu Kang Farm/Organic Top Goji Fruit/$74 (180g)

‧SuperFood Lab/Organic Premium Goji Berries/$28 (50g)

‧Shangpin/Instant Ningxia Wolfberry/$28 (160g)

‧Slowood/Organic wolfberries/$5.4 (10g)

6 types of “high-speed rail” dried wolfberry (brand/product name/recommended retail price/iron content per 100g)

‧Shaoxiangyuan/Instant wolfberries/$40 (100g)/7.36g iron

‧Nanbeixing/Superior Gongqihuang/$63 (185g)/6.37g iron

‧Old Sheung Wan/Ningxia Wolfberry/$88 (1 catties)/5.42 grams of iron

‧Tongxintang/Authentic first-grade Ningxia wolfberries/$27 (300g)/5.37g iron

‧China Resources Tang CRCare/China Resources Tang Ningxia Wolfberry/$36(250g)/4.79g Iron

‧JIBAOLI/Ningxia wolfberry/$72 (1lb)/4.6g iron

Practical information about wolfberries:

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