Disney Dreamlight Valley’s next update will add Olaf Encanto from Frozen.

Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s next free major update is scheduled for February, and adds two beloved Disney characters to the game. encantoof Mirabel and FrozenOlaf. Developer Gameloft shared the game’s early 2023 roadmap on Wednesday, with plans for the next few months.

The game itself is still in early access and was released almost 7 months ago. Gameloft ahead of the next update Disney Dreamlight Valley It said it continues to grow with the highest active player base.

Disney Dreamlight Valley roadmap with Mirabel, Simba and more.

Image: Gameloft/Disney

Beyond Mirabel and Olaf in February’s update, which expands on the main story and explores the Frosted Heights biome, Gameloft has new areas to explore: lion king scheduled for April. Simba will join Scar in Dreamlight Valley to introduce another giant mammal. Of course, this animal won’t try to eat Remy. There’s another update scheduled for early summer after April, but Gameloft said it wasn’t ready to share details. What we do know is that the main story will continue again and players will finally learn who lives in the game’s mysterious pumpkin.

“It’s going to be a huge step forward with the main story coming together with everything about what lies behind Forgottenning.” Disney Dreamlight Valley executive producer Manea Castet told Polygon.

elsewhere in 2023 Disney Dreamlight Valley It continues to expand with more characters (like Belle!), realms, costumes, and decorations, but it also adds one highly anticipated feature: multiplayer. However, details about what multiplayer means for gaming are sparse. Gameloft will continue the Star Path like battle pass that rewards players for catching up with the game. These have been the themes thus far and 2023 is no different. The February and April Star Passes are themed around Disney Centennial and Disney Theme Parks, respectively.

February update

main story of Disney Dreamlight Valley is original content and allows developers to create their own worlds that are not explicitly tied to any particular franchise. “We can tell our own stories that can illustrate this metaphor of growing up and finding your inner child,” Castet said. “[The world itself] It is the best way to tell our own story.” He said that throughout Act 1 of the game, players will understand what is happening in the Valley.

Each character weaves its own way, expanding on that main story little by little. Olaf will be a big part of the main story, Castet said. He said Olaf’s quest was the best they had ever designed. Castet didn’t elaborate on these quests, but emphasized that Gameloft is looking for player feedback to fine-tune the new storyline. One example pointed out by Castet is lion kingA scar that takes the player to an underground mine, a hidden area in the Valley. “That’s what we want to continue doing in the next update. Exploring new areas of the Valley, rather than making existing areas a playground.”

Mirabelle in encanto, more of an “onboarding” character. “You don’t have to spend a lot of time to meet Mirabel,” says Castet. “She’ll bring her own version of Casita” to the game. Castet called it a “mini Casita”.

February also features a new Star Path to celebrate Disney’s 100th anniversary. Castet said the assets were some of the “most beautiful” the team had created, following the artistic direction of the entire Disney 100 celebration. There are also new pets, new furniture, and new items directly related to the event.

April update

The April update is an update with Simba. lion kingScar. Since Scar entered the game without a realm of his own, Simba’s lion king Zone is a first in the franchise. Castet said that while there are numerous references to the film, the realm will also have its own storytelling. There is something different about the mood these larger animals give off. Disney Dreamlight Valley; I felt it right away in Scar, and Caster said it was similar to Simba.

It’s also an update that adds Star Path from Disney theme parks. You can’t completely turn the valley into a Disney theme park, but you can decorate it with stuff from the park.

quality of life update

Disney Dreamlight Valley is an early access game and it’s a very polished game, but that doesn’t mean the game isn’t without its problems. It had some major bugs at launch and has slowly improved since then. As of 2023, it is in much better shape.

Since launch, Gameloft has made game players prioritize content updates and feature fixes. “About 50% of our updates are community driven, from update to update,” Castet said. “There are some big requests highlighted by the community and that raises our priority.” Castet said the February update is a great example of this. A number of quality-of-life changes are coming, such as improved storage systems.

Anyone who has played the game knows how much the storage system needs to be improved. I keep things in boxes throughout the house and the system is clunky. Items do not stack automatically, and you must move from chest to chest to access each individual item. If you’re like me, it’s a frustrating exercise to find what you need without knowing what’s in each chest. Not to mention the giant boxes that line my house, they all look the same!

To address these issues, Gameloft is adding several types of boxes, so you have more options as well as auto-sort and auto-select tools for better organization. Castet said Gameloft will also add a panel so you can see what’s in the box before opening it. The second quality of life change that Castet described is more customization, especially in the Valley with outside of the player’s home.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Play for free in Early Access on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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