Eight generations of water-block ASUS ROG RYUO III 240 ARGB out of the box

The performance and heat of the 13th generation Core and Ryzen 7000 series are “synchronously” upgraded, and AIO water cooling is getting more and more attention. The ASUS ROG RYUO III 240 ARGB for the latest generation of gamers was launched earlier, and the water block is upgraded with the 8th generation Asetek water pump technology. That is to say, open the box.

The thermal power of mid-to-high-end processors increases with the increase in the number of cores. Air-cooled heat dissipation requires a larger dual-tower design to handle it. ASUS ROG RYUO III integrated water cooling is the successor model of the previous generation ROG RYUO. It is the first to upgrade to the 8th generation Asetek water pump technology 3-phase motor, increased processor coverage copper bottom, improved flow and heat conduction performance, cooling radiators provide 240 / 360 specifications, pipe diameter and coolant capacity increased, and upgraded 2 ROG AF-12S ARGB fans from the same factory, in the The airflow and wind pressure both perform well, the same as the fans used in the online RYUJIN II ARGB. The manufacturer pointed out that the performance of the 7th generation pump has been improved by 2°C per 100W.

The playfulness of RYUO III is also improved compared with the previous generation. First, the color has been increased to black and white for easy matching with the chassis. In addition, the 1.77-inch OLED display on the water block has been changed to AniMe Matrix LED, which uses dot matrix LEDs to display pixel patterns or system operating status. The “Armoury Crate” software can be customized, so the overall design of the water block is nearly 70mm higher. And the appearance is more attractive, a vacuum-coated mirror is installed on the top of the LED, and the round edge is beveled to enhance the texture. The installation is still simple, there are Intel and AMD mainstream platform buckles provided, but the fan power supply and ARGB wiring is still a bit messy, there is a magic belt attached, it takes a little thought to arrange the wiring, there is a “1 to 4” ARGB cable The cable provides the lighting effects connected to the motherboard.

load test

testing platform

  • Processor: Core i5 13600K
  • Motherboard: ASUS ROG STRIX B760-G GAMING WIFI D4
  • Memory: 16GB DDR4 3200
  • Graphics card: Colorful GF RTX 4070 TI

Working with the Core i5 13600K and operating with the preset parameters of the motherboard, in an open environment with 50% wind speed of 1,250rpm, full-speed water pump of 2,600rpm, and indoor background volume of 40dB, an idle temperature of 32°C and a noise level of 44dB were recorded.

The same setting is used to load AIDA64 FPU for 10 minutes to get an average of 85°C. Floating between 68°C and 78°C while running Cybperpunk 2077. For example, if you run “Cinebench R23” for 15 minutes, it will be about 85°C. At this time, in “HWiNFO64”, there will occasionally be a prompt that some P-Cores have reached the upper temperature limit.

Changed to full-speed 2,150rpm fan, full-speed water pump 2,600rpm, 53dB noise level and 31°C idle temperature were recorded at close range. At this time, after 10 minutes of AIDA64 FPU load, the average temperature was 82°C. After running “Cinebench R23” for 15 minutes, the temperature was about 82°C. In “HWiNFO64”, there were occasional reminders that some P-Cores reached the upper temperature limit, but there was no obvious Frequency down for a long time. The temperature of running “Cybperpunk 2077” is obviously lower, the highest is about 71°C. At this time, the processor voltage is about 1.3v and the Package Power is about 116W.

Summary: non-K fine machine push award

PCM Rating: 4/5

Processor power consumption is becoming more and more exaggerated. 240 water cooling can hardly hold high-end Core K version processors. The new generation RYUO III 240 can still handle the unlocked power consumption of Core i5 13600K. Under normal non-long-term full load, It achieves the effect of silent operation, and the AniMe Matrix LED is very visual and interesting. High-end gamers who believe in ROG should pay attention to its 360 cold row version, and the 240 is more suitable for non-K fine machine systems that are not overclocked.


  • Cold head volume: 89 x 89 x 68.3 mm
  • CPU Contact Surface: Copper
  • Pump Technology: Asetek Generation 8
  • Water pump motor: 800~2,600 RPM ± 300 RPM
  • Radiator volume: 279.5 x 120 x 30 mm (240)
  • Cold row material: aluminum
  • Throat length: net rubber 400 mm
  • Display function: AniMe Matrix LED Display
  • Fan: ROG AF-12S ARGB
  • Fan volume: 120 x 120 x 25mm
  • Fan speed: 2,200 ± 300 RPM
  • Supported platforms: LGA 1700 / 1200 / 115x, AM5 / AM4
  • Enquiry: ASUS HK (3582 4770)
  • Price: HK$1,899

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