Elden Ring Players Think DLC May Be Coming Soon

Elden Ring players have spotted a new update to the beta branch of the game in Steam. Since the last time this happened was before the Colosseum update rolled out, many assumed there would be another content update soon.

This could come in the form of a major DLC addition, which many were expecting given the critical success of Elden Ring, but it’s also possible that FromSoftware is just adding another form of content.

Free add-on content comes to Off Road: Shadows Die Twice in the form of a boss sprint mode. Also, FromSoftware has said in the past that it will add ray tracing at some point, so it may just be preparing for that addition.

Even though the internet has immediately become aware of the possibility of DLC coming soon, it’s wise not to get your hopes up.

Thanks, Game Radar.

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