Elon Musk changed his name to Mr Tweet. Twitter said it would not allow him to change it again.

Twitter boss Elon Musk changed his name to “Mr Tweet” on the microblogging platform, and now there’s no going back. Musk revealed that his new name stuck because his Twitter wouldn’t allow him to change his new name again.

“I changed my name to Mr. Tweet and now I can’t change it again on Twitter,” he tweeted with a smiley emoji. It’s well known that billionaire owners make erratic decisions and occasionally tweet. This development has received wide comments from Internet users.

One user commented, “Could Mr. Tweet make a comedy channel here? Because comedians aren’t funny anymore. They’re funny.”

Another user wrote “Can I change my name to Elon Musk now?”

Earlier this week, Musk said he doesn’t like “most” alcohol, but thinks red wine is “very beautiful” in a “fine glass.”

It all changes when @NicoleBehnam tweeted, “When you realize that alcohol is a scam. Alcohol ads target consumers using topics such as happiness, prestige, sophistication, success, maturity, athleticism, creativity, and sexual satisfaction. But the misuse of alcohol actually diminishes if you drink enough alcohol and ultimately destroys these qualities.”

Musk replied, “I don’t like the taste or effect of most alcohol, but there are some pretty things about red wine in fine glasses.”

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