Farewell, DLo – A confession letter from a Gray Wolves fan

From the process of the story, back to the beginning of the story. Image source: StarTribune – Prelude: 21.7 points, 6.6 assists, 4.1 rebounds in 12 games in the 19-20 season “We have the player who may become the best long man in this generation playing for us. How can we maximize his ability?” Four years Previously, new Timberwolves general manager Gerson Rosas kept asking himself questions on a talk show. At that time, Gray Wolf was in the post-Master Chief era, waiting for a lot of waste and eager to find a new path. In the era of the “former” double champion wolf, Rosas quickly made a choice: KAT, KAT, or KAT. Therefore, when Sky used a video to tell fans how coach Saunders used tactical design to cover up Wiggins’ low-efficiency offensive defects, and it seemed that he was about to break out of the cocoon, Rosas did not hesitate to promote his plan, trying to start his own era. – On February 7, 2020, Taiwan time, the Gray Wolves traded Andrew Wiggins with the top three protections in the first round of 2021 and the second round of the draft in 2021, in exchange for a trade package with D’Angelo Russell as the main dish. – “If I ever said to you, ‘I believe this can happen.’ I would be lying. I’m as shocked as anyone. We (DLo and I) have placed this desire in the universe since day one, We have never been ashamed to talk about this wish in front of any media. All I can say is that if you want something to happen, you have to keep praying to God, and one day God will hear it and make it happen.” “If DLo is in (Minnesota) and that was a big motivation for me to stay. DLo is without a doubt one of my visions for basketball. He always knew someone was going to need him because he knew his brother was always behind him ──I will always stand there for him.” “I hope we can be together for a long, long time.” -Karl-Anthony Towns — The friendship established as early as the student days makes you the first and second picks of the same class Bring it together Source: Footwear News While fans were still questioning the price Rosas paid for Russell’s struggles in the Warriors system, the innocent wolf king couldn’t hide his inner joy. But what they didn’t expect was that in the first and a half seasons of the brothers’ file reunion, there was only one chance to cooperate and was suspended due to injuries. The fans have not yet seen what kind of sparks this combination can create, and the Gray Wolf hastily ended with the league’s third-worst record. What DLo probably didn’t expect, however, was that there was a 19-year-old lad who would take the spot that the guy standing behind him took. — Storm: 19.0 points, 5.6 assists, 2.8 rebounds in 42 games in the 20-21 season Joyfully ushered in the second No. 1 pick in five years, Edwards, a big boy who uttered wild words when he first entered the league, instantly attracted the attention of all the media. At the same time as the new wolf enters the forest, the Spanish golden boy is also returning to the forest at this moment. Fans look at the vision of Booker and Rubio’s perfect cooperation and imagine the success that DLo will win this season. But what the fans ignore is that, except for the season when he cooperated with the Nets, Russell is often absent due to injuries, and this season is no exception. From the data point of view, the cooperation between DLo and KAT can have a winning rate of 54%. In the year when the play-offs were held for the first time, it was able to challenge the Memphis Grizzlies with the 10th place── But this data is only the result of 24 games, which is pitifully small. It was that nasty injury again. DLo announced knee surgery in late February and will be sidelined for 4 to 6 weeks, while Minnesota recruited Raptors assistant coach Chris Finch to take charge of the team. After the coaching change, Anthony Edwards took over the position of the first ball-handling breakthrough, broke through the high wall belonging to rookies, and was so conspicuous that people felt that this ant would replace the big cat in wolf’s clothing. Although DLo returned to the game with an evolved ability to run off the ball, no one seems to be expecting him anymore. And the gray wolf’s dismal record, and in the offseason, sent the No. 7 pick with the top three protections, and became the Congo monster that the brave fans still cling to. Wiggins’ adaptability in the Warriors system and Kuminga’s entry into the team have made DLo stand on the cusp again. Countless people ridiculed that the Gray Wolf was the one who funded the Warriors and got nothing. They just made a deal that lost everything in order to please the leading star. Gawen’s storm of public opinion did not overwhelm DLo. No matter how hot the words around him were, they still couldn’t penetrate his cold blood vessels. The sour words beside him may be layers of cocoons, wrapping him tightly. And in him, there may be only one sentence in his mind. “Eat, sleep, and play basketball.” -D’Angelo Russell — broken cocoon: 18.1 points, 7.1 assists, 3.3 rebounds in 65 games in the 21-22 season Russell, who became the hero of Minnesota in the play-offs, told fans that he is incredible this season Missing source: StarTribune The gray wolf sent away the golden boy in the off-season, and brought PatBev, who wanted to show his strong character in Grind City, to the Great Northern Wilderness, and everyone knows the result. The Timberwolves played an inspiring season. Although the winning percentage fluctuated throughout the season, they finally defeated Dr. Lue who forgot to test the smash in the playoffs, and entered the playoffs for the first time relying on the Minnesota team. The indissoluble bond with Memphis at the beginning of the season also allowed the two young and energetic teams to contribute a round of exciting and funny battles. If you want to ask who is the biggest key to the success of this season, most people may attribute it to the Sky Bay who stood on the record stand and carnival with Minnesota fans, or KAT who once again showed the top center skills, or even transformed the modern defensive system. Chris Finch. They’re all important, but when it comes to picking someone to make the season a success, I’d say DLo without hesitation. – Carrying the off-ball ability cultivated by Momo last season, the touch time is even lower than PatBev occasionally, but he can steadily put the ball into the basket after receiving the ball; The eyes of all the strikers on the front line, so that the team can maintain the defensive rotation, and handed over the team’s lowest DEFRTG before the All-Star Game; when KAT sat on the sidelines because of less than five fouls in three quarters, all players thought that the gray wolf would be in the game. When the play-offs fell, he used his bone marrow calm performance to completely drive the enthusiasm of the fans at the Target Center into Reggie Jackson’s brain, and accepted a game that the Gray Wolves fans will never forget. – There are also some things that I will never forget. – I will never forget how he used Matisse Thybulle as a background board with consecutive high-difficulty three-pointers when the Philadelphia fans were looking forward to the King’s comeback to beat the Timberwolves; I will never forget how he made it possible for more Minnesota fans to experience The beauty of this season, I paid for more than a hundred people to come to the Target Center to see the completely different Great Northern Wilderness; I will never forget that at every moment of KAT and Ant’s brilliant performance, he waved his hands and asked all the fans to cheer for him. The team cheers. His cold-blooded killer nature couldn’t hide his passionate heart. Source: NBA.com That was the first time I felt like Russell had found his home. However, the owner of this family seems to be changing silently. — Disruption: 17.9 points, 6.2 assists and 3.1 rebounds in 54 games in the 22-23 season “Of course, I want to stay in the land where my feet are stepping on. After all, this place is great and has a clear direction. But in this league , no one can decide where you go, because who knows if something like KD will happen there, just like no one knows Rudy will come.” “I used to feel unwanted in Brooklyn, in fact Don’t think too much about fan backlash. After all, in the NBA, there are very few opportunities to feel needed-in fact, I have always stood on the opposite side of that statement in the past. But anyway, I am looking forward to the relationship between me and Gobert Matching.” – D’Angelo Russell The 2022 offseason will undoubtedly be “huge” for the Timberwolves — both physically and mentally. The new bosses Marc Lore and A-Rod hired Tim Connelly to become the official manager with a lot of money. The nine-for-one deal got the mature frame protector Finch had been hoping for. For Russell, who is in the contract year, it is nothing more than the beginning of re-adaptation. But he was perfectly restricted by Brooks in the Grizzlies series. He doesn’t have much pessimistic capital and can only strive for performance. However, Minnesota’s turbulent start to the season left DLo at a loss. The huge gap between imagination and reality has caused DLo to struggle for a contract. The source of the dilemma: the poor defensive communication between the two towers of BasketBall Network, Gobert’s combat ability after receiving the ball is not as good as Allen’s, and the defensive role changes brought about by system changes. Everything makes DLo It wasn’t until around Game 14 of the season that he really found his offensive rhythm. But the Timberwolves have a Point Ant plan, and KAT wants to connect with Gobert too much, so Russell can only perform more off-ball roles, which is quite different from the expectations before the start of the season. – Ironically, when KAT missed the game for a long time due to a calf injury, DLo, who lost his brother, broke out with Ant, which made Minnesota fans feel ups and downs with the Timberwolves game. Russell showed fans his value with the most terrifying shooting performance of his career, but his poor defense led many pundits to label him as “gaining more points than scoring.” And when the gray wolf’s focus completely shifted to Anthony Edwards, the reporter’s questions made Russell, who was under the double pressure of record and contract renewal, unable to bear the load. DLo may not have thought that the person who promised to stand behind him seemed to be unable to stand firmly as the wolf king. And standing beside him now is that strange tall man with rough offensive skills. – Everything seems to be different from the vision when I first set foot on this land. – “We want to be together for a long time, for a long time”, just like the dispute between DLo and KAT once witnessed on the court, it was declared shattered. — Epilogue: Treasure Goodbye “We have possibly the best Ÿç¢¼ï¼ˆè¨‚購人æ of this generation playing for us . How do we maximize his capabilities?” Four years later, Tim Connelly was sitting in the same Wolves manager’s office. He still gets invitations to some podcasts, and maybe thinks the same thing on the show. At this time, the Gray Wolves are in the post-PatBev era, and after breaking through, they have to find a way forward. In the “post” era of double champion wolves, Connelly will also have his own answer: OOO, OOO, or OOO. The same three English letters, but definitely, never was DLo. – You take the wind and frost of the Great Northern Wilderness on your way home, back to the place where the dream began. There, you don’t need to greet people to enter the field to watch the game, and there will be a full audience watching you. You may also wear clothes with Mingzhou characters on it, but you will get far more love than in these three years, and you will get more hate at the same time. But I believe that the name D’Angelo Russell will put the coldness of Minnesota in your blood. Farewell, DLo.