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Article date: March 21, 2023

Feng Yingying and Kong Dexian went to Mong Kok today (21st) as guests for a smoking cessation event. She bluntly said that she doesn’t like boys smoking, and it is also her condition for choosing a mate if the other half does not smoke. She said: “Smoking causes many diseases in the body and shortens life Besides, the most important thing is bad breath, which will make me lose points in terms of mate selection, and not smoking is the most important thing.”

Feng Yingying, who is currently studying for a master’s degree in food management, said that although she has asked for leave from the company, she still has time to accommodate her work. Will she further study for a doctoral degree? She said: “In fact, they are all interested. The most important thing is that the professor is willing to accept me. The university professor who still admires me after 10 years encourages me to pursue a doctorate degree again, but I have to work with the company. “

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