Film-level full-frame 8K aerial photography drone DJI Inspire 3 debut

Professional aerial photography users have been waiting for years for the DJI Inspire series. Recently, the official announcement of the new generation of Inspire 3 has finally been officially announced. This new machine has movie-level shooting functions, coupled with powerful aerial photography functions. One of the drones.

The official name of the Inspire series is “Professional Imaging System for Shooting Big Scenes”. It is designed for professional filming teams. The previous generation of Inspire 2 was a product more than 6 years ago. Today, it is no matter the shooting function or quality, or even aerial photography. Functionality has also improved a lot, and it’s time for Inspire 3 to go out.

Inspire 3 is equipped with a full-frame 8K custom photosensitive element, which can directly record full-frame 8K / 25fps CinemaDNG and 8K / 75fps Apple ProRes RAW videos, with an image resolution of up to 8,192 × 4,320. It can be used with different DL lenses, and the body is equipped with a 1/1.8” ultra-wide night vision flying camera, which is sufficient for top-level film and television shooting.

In terms of fuselage, Inspire 3 uses a new curved surface design, which helps to reduce flight air resistance, while retaining the deformation structure of the previous generation. The landing gear can move up and down in response to different shooting modes. For example, when using the new upward shooting, the landing gear will move Lay it down, and Ring mode will raise the gear for 360° shots, while Transport mode will lay the gear down. The newly added upward shooting mode can be used for up to 80° elevation angle, which can shoot pictures such as elevators.

Inspire 3 also uses high-precision RTK positioning technology. The positioning accuracy is more accurate than traditional GNSS meter-level positioning, and can reach centimeters. It makes the flight more stable and the route planning is more accurate. In addition, Inspire 3 is equipped with an omnidirectional vision sensing system, and DJI even installed four fisheye sensing lenses on the landing gear for the first time to achieve precise obstacle avoidance.

Inspire 3 is equipped with an RC Plus professional remote control as standard, equipped with a 7” screen, with a brightness of up to 1,200nits, HDMI output and multiple buttons and dials, making it more convenient to control. The built-in battery life of the remote control is about 3.3hrs, and it can also be used with an external battery In use, it also supports dual-control shooting. After connecting two remote controls, one can control the flight of Inspire 3, and the other can control the gimbal camera; and the new “DJI Pilot 2” app has a classic user interface, and a new film-level professional monitoring interface , exposure parameters, recording specifications, lens focal lengths, etc. at a glance.

As for image transmission, Inspire 3 adopts the latest O3 Pro. The maximum distance in single-control mode is about 15km, and the maximum distance in dual-control mode is about 12km. Both the gimbal camera and the flying camera support the transmission of 1,080p / 60fps high-resolution images, and the delay is as low as 90ms , and 4K / 30fps ultra-high-quality image transmission, the distance can reach 5km, which can be used according to different requirements.

Inspire 3 is equipped with B51 dual battery system, the longest flight time is about 28mins, and supports hot swap batteries. Inspire 3 is priced at HK$92,239 and is now accepting pre-orders. It is estimated to be officially released around the end of May.