Flower paintings by Bhimsen Joshi and Lata Mangeshkar at Empress Botanical Garden

Pune’s Flower Show: Flower Paintings by Bhimsen Joshi and Lata Mangeshkar at Empress Botanical Gardens Highlights | FPJ

Pune: The annual Flower Show at Empress Botanical Gardens in Pune takes place in Pune. This year it was held from 25 to 29 January and attracted over 15,000 visitors.

The main highlight of the year was the painting of flowers made from various petals by Bhimsen Joshi and Lata Mangeshkar.

Arranged in the Japanese style of the Empress Garden with various bonsai trees and various trees and vines. “Not only Pune, but also nursery professionals from Kolhapur, Sangli, Nashik, Andhra Pradesh and across the country took part in this flower show. The special feature of this flower show is that it includes not only flowers but also a variety of ornamental plants. Pots, vegetables, flower arrangements, gardens. imitations, etc.

Various flower, vegetable and bonsai competitions have been organized for the exhibition. Suppliers from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Sikkim enthusiastically participated in the show. There are various street vendors such as nurseries, farm equipment, fertilizers, tableware, gardening materials, and food materials, and there were crowds of people buying silver, fertilizers, and gardening materials. Along with this, some places also have selfie points created by organizations. Crowds were seen here too.

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