Google services can use ChatGPT four must-use ChatGPT Chrome extensions

Based on OpenAI behind ChatGPT has Microsoft’s investment, ChatGPT has almost become Microsoft’s designated tool, and Google’s application services are insulated from ChatGPT. However, everyone uses Google’s Chrome browser to surf the Internet. How can ChatGPT be combined with daily applications? Here I will first talk to you about 4 must-use Chrome browser extensions, so that you can use the benefits of ChatGPT more realistically.

The Google Chrome extensions described below must use a ChatGPT account to obtain an OpenAI API key. For how to apply for a ChatGPT account, please refer tothis tutorialand on how to obtain an OpenAI API key seethis tutorial.

ChatGPT for Google

Installation URL: Click here

One of ChatGPT’s functions is to search for different knowledge and information, and it can directly display the information instead of just displaying a large number of URL links like Google. If it can be used with different Search Engines, the combined reference will be more convenient for users. ChatGPT for Google is here for this purpose. ChatGPT for Google can be installed and used in Chrome, Edge and Firefox extensions. After installation, when you open a search engine (such as Google) to search for information, the sidebar of the result page will display the content of the ChatGPT reply. Users use keywords to ask ChatGPT, and then display the returned content in the search results. Users can also click on the ChatGPT for Google icon to use it directly, making the experience more convenient.

YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

Installation URL: Click here

Saw a video on YouTube, but the content was too long and in a foreign language to digest the main points? Install YouTube Summary with ChatGPT to help. As the name suggests, it can extract YouTube video content and then make a summary. After installation, YouTube Summary with ChatGPT will appear on the upper right of the video playback interface. Pressing it will automatically capture the subtitles in the video (Chinese subtitles are also available). If you click the ChatGPT icon above, the subtitles will be automatically loaded ChatGPT and make a summary, but be careful, even if you extract Chinese subtitles, the summary will still be in English.

ChatGPT Writer

Installation URL: Click here

Have you ever tried to write or reply an email, but couldn’t think of how to write it in front of the computer? It may take half an hour to write a simple email. At this time ChatGPT Writer can play a role. After installing this extension, enter the outline of the reply you want to write, and the appropriate content will be automatically generated through ChatGPT. Chinese, English and other languages ​​are available, and it will also be integrated into the web version of Gmail, which is convenient for replying. It is really good use. Only this extension is only available for Chromium-based browsers (ie Chrome or Edge).


Installation URL: Click here

At present, the update of ChatGPT content data is limited to 2021 or before. If you want to rely on ChatGPT to query and integrate the content after 2021, is there any way? Someone has developed a WebChatGPT extension, so that ChatGPT can obtain content on the Internet after 2021 and use it together. In this way, when you want to query and integrate information in recent years, the accuracy will be improved and the chance of generating a large number of error messages will be reduced.

Want to send money quickly: ChatGPT Plus

ChatGPT is easy to use and free, but as a result, too many people use it to cause the problem of server congestion, which slows down the reply speed or even makes it impossible to connect. Therefore, the official launched the “Plus” version. The advantage of ChatGPT Plus is that when multiple people connect to ChatGPT, they will have the priority to use it, and the response speed will also be improved. The introduction of new features such as GPT-4 will also allow ChatGPT Plus users to use it first. The monthly fee for ChatGPT Plus is US$20, but since Hong Kong is not supported by ChatGPT, that is to say, Hong Kong credit cards cannot be used for payment, and foreign credit cards are required.

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