Halo developer says the franchise will ‘stay here’ after the studio was ‘hit hard’ by the Microsoft firing

halo infinite Developer 343 Industries tweeted on Saturday. share A brief message about the future of the franchise. “Halo and Master Chief are here,” said 343 in a statement from studio head Pierre Hintze. “343 Industries will continue to develop Halo now and into the future, including what makes Halo great, such as an epic story and multiplayer.”

The statement came after Microsoft confirmed it would lay off 10,000 employees before the end of March. According to Bloomberg Jason Schreier of 343 Industries “bash” Joining the studio in 2020 infinite Crossing the finish line to Microsoft’s publishing arm. Staten’s relocation came after a handful of other big names left, including Slipspace Engine lead developer David Berger and 343 co-founder Bonnie Ross. Schreier couldn’t number the 343 cuts, but he said. infinite‘s campaign team was particularly affected by the cuts. Prior to the layoffs, the studio had implemented a “long-term” hiring freeze and had lost many contractors in recent weeks and months. one Former 343 Staff They condemned the layoffs as “incompetent leadership”.

Microsoft release halo infinite It received generally positive reviews in 2021, but since then the game has struggled to maintain a consistent player base. For example on Steam infinite Currently, the average player count per day is around 4,000, which is a sharp drop from the average player count of 100,000 at launch. More than a year after the game’s release, Microsoft has yet to release any new campaign content. infinite. Halo fans rightly have reason to be concerned about the future of the franchise.

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