“Heal yourself to heal others”

Brahma Kumaris Medical Wing, Global Hospital & Research Centre, Association of Medical Consultants, Mumbai, IMA – Mumbai West organizes National Conference on “Rejuvenating Medical Minds” (RMM) on 22 January 2023 at Shanmukhanand Hall, Sion, Mumbai I did. The theme of the conference was Passion and Compassion.

Medical staff provide unconditional treatment to patients and do their best, but in the process, they neglect to take care of “self”, resulting in stress, depression, fatigue, etc. The purpose of the conference was to gain awareness about caring for and healing oneself through self-reflection and meditation, and to contribute to overall well-being.

The opening ceremony was inaugurated by Brahma Kumaris BK Medical Wing Chairman and Chief Oncologist and Chairman Dr Ashok Mehta Ji, Rajyogini Brahma Kumari Santosh Didi Ji – Brahma Kumaris Joint Administrative Director and Dr Satish Khadilkar – Head of Neurology. . Bombay Hospital and Medical Research Center, Dr. Praveen Shingare – former Director of Medical Education and Research (DMER), Shri. Madhusudan Agrawal – Director, Ajanta Pharma Ltd, Dr. Nilima Bhamre – President, Association of Medical Consultants, Dr. Pratap Midha Ji – Medical Director and Director, Global Hospitals and Research Centers, Mt. Abu; Dr. Banarsi Lal Shah – Secretary General of the Medical Wing of Brahma Kumaris, Most Wanted International Speaker BK Sister Shivani and Special Representative of Brahma Kumaris and Medical Fraternity.

Conference Chairman Dr. Ashok Mehta Ji addressed the topic, welcomed the audience, and set the context for the conference on how redefining Passion (as a whole) and supplementing it with Compassion could lead to professional and personal satisfaction for Medico.

Rajyogini BK Santosh Didi Ji gave her blessings and good wishes for the meeting and inspired everyone to spread their satisfaction and happiness to others.

BK Sister Shivani emphasized feeding yourself with the right content in her very inspiring speech. Because we are what we think, and we must think right so that the right thoughts show up in our words, actions, actions and ultimately our destiny! She discussed her daily lifestyle practices. Adopting it will help heal the body from the inside so that a person can be healthier physically, mentally and emotionally.

Rajyogi BK Nikunj Ji – Popular columnist and national coordinator of the Brahma Kumaris media wing, said the meeting was meant to be an “thank you” to the Medical Fraternity for selflessly giving so much. He said such meetings would continue to be organized in major cities across India in an effort to spiritually empower these “divine angels.”

The conference featured many prominent doctors and Rajyoga meditation practitioners who expressed their views on various topics. BK Dr. Reena Tomar (Professor of Pathology, Maulana Azad Medical College & Lok Nayak Hospital Delhi); BK Dr. Sachin Parab (Conference Secretary, Brahma Kumaris Medical Wing Jt. Secretary), BK Dr. Girish Patel (Senior Psychotherapist), Dr. EV Swami (Consultant and Counselor);

There were also interactive ‘Experience Sharing Sessions’ where doctors, who are also Rajyoga meditation practitioners, shared their real-life experiences of applying spirituality in medicine.

More than 2000 delegates benefited from this conference.

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