How to Get started with Xfinity Stream from Comcast Business.

How to Get started with Xfinity Stream from Comcast Business.


How to access the Xfinity Stream app, register your mobile device, and use the main features of the mobile app.

We’ll give you a tour using Apple’s version of the mobile app.

Note: The steps and screens for the Android mobile app and the desktop app are slightly different.


Get started with the Xfinity stream app

Just find and download the Xfinity Stream app to the device of your choice. The apps are free. You have to have Xfinity identification to use the application. You can use your existing Xfinity ID for free. Find the Login tab in the right corner of any site and click that button. You’re not able to register on the website now but you should see a button for ‘Create an Xfinity ID. Clicking this link will give you the option to confirm the name and email address. Once you have verified your identity, you can set a password and an xfinity account name.



What will you need for this?

commercial television service

A computer or mobile device that meets the Xfinity Stream app system requirements.

Your Comcast Business Account username and password

Some features of the Xfinity Stream app vary by subscription type. Business Internet is required to stream live TV in business.


Note: Xfinity stream for Business is currently only available on desktop, Apple, and Android devices.

You want to know more? Check out asked questions about the Xfinity Stream app.


If you are using the Stream app for the first time

  1. Download the Xfinity Stream app from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Amazon App Store, or visit to access the desktop version.
  2. And open the Xfinity Stream app on your device.
  3. Select the Comcast Business Customer Sign In link, enter your Comcast Business My Account username and password, and select Continue. You need to register this device only once. On future visits, the mobile app will recognize the device and you won’t need to sign in again.
  4. If you are forgot your user name or password? Go to to retrieve or change your credentials.
  5. Select Yes to accept the activation terms.

Mobile app login page

  1. On an Android device, enter the device name, then select Continue. On an Apple device, the Apple device name is used automatically.

Device Information

Select Get started to start watching your favorite shows, or swipe right to learn more about the Stream app.


Navigating the Stream app

When you open the Stream app, the screen appears. Swipe right or select the menu icon at the top left to expand the main menu.

Stream app navigation menu

Live TV: Select All Channels to view all your channels with TV listings (see Using TV listings), or use the other menu to view only your favorite channels.

Note: Favorite channels can be created by selecting the star next to each channel in the TV All Channels list view.

Settings icon: Access mobile app settings, such as accessibility options (see Using accessibility options), Help and support, device management, and parental controls (see Using parental controls).

Use of TV listings

When you’re connected to your company’s wireless Internet network, you can stream all your subscription channels from your mobile device.

If you are not connected to your company’s Internet network, you can view TV listings, but you will not be able to stream any content.

From the main menu, select All Channels.

Stream app channels.

On all channels, you can:

Select a date to show listings for a specific day and time.

Swipe left to advance the time period. Swipe right to move the time period back.

Select a channel to watch it live.

Select the links to view the program and channel description, or learn more about the program, including upcoming broadcasts.

High Definition (HD), Closed Captions (CC), Secondary Audio Program (SAP), and Video Description.

You won’t see any channels available outside of your business site. That feature and filter is only available to residential Xfinity customers.

Using the access options

The Xfinity Stream app offers the following access options.

Closed Captions: Watch an on-screen text version of the show’s audio while the show is playing.

Video Description: Listen to audio from the show, including a description of the key visual elements of the show.

Secondary Audio Program (SAP): Listen to the audio of a program in another language.

To set accessibility options, select the Settings icon at the bottom of the main menu, and then select Accessibility.

You want to know more? View access options in the Xfinity Stream for Android devices.

Using parental controls


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