Huang Kaiqin danced and sang and sang “Hero” to pay tribute to Uncle Ray


Huang Kaiqin (Chris) held the first “Listen‧Huang Kaiqin Concert 2023” at the Star Hall of Jiuzhan last night. “And other hits. In addition to his own works, Chris also sang works by Leslie Cheung, Anita Mui and Gu Jiahui to pay tribute. He also sang Mariah Carey’s “Hero”, revealing that he planned to wait until the “Godfather of Music” Uncle Ray 100 years old to sing to him. Take the first step to heaven. At the end, Chris sang and danced fast songs in English, and shook hands with the audience, but he almost tripped because he was too involved in dancing. Chris said after the show: “Fortunately, my horse is steady enough!” Good friend Zhou Huimin sincerely joined the show and sat all night. When he was asked why he didn’t invite her to the stage for a chorus, he said: “I thought she had a job and was not in Hong Kong. I only found out before the show She will come, but the performance schedule has been arranged and cannot be messed up. I am also embarrassed to ask her to come on stage to sing a chorus suddenly.”



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