Huanyu Thought: Beijing’s attitude towards Russia is “the lesser of two evils” / Text: Ptolemy

[Legit news 247News]Chinese President Xi Jinping paid a state visit to Russia from March 20 to 22. The outside world generally pays attention to Russia-China cooperation in diplomacy, economy, and military affairs, especially China’s stance on the Russia-Ukraine war and its attitude towards Russia. May support etc. However, after the “Xi-P meeting”, in the eyes of Western countries, China did not have any substantive suggestions for resolving the Russia-Ukraine war; The construction of natural gas pipelines has greatly increased the purchase of Russian energy (given by the European Union). In terms of military stability in Northeast Asia, it has expressed opposition to the US Indo-Pacific strategy and the US-UK-Australia trilateral security partnership (AUKUS). These attitudes and cooperation have greatly disappointed Western countries, especially European countries that once held hope in China. China’s increased cooperation with Russia at this sensitive moment and its ineffective measures to resolve the Russia-Ukraine war will further alienate the European camp from China and increase the feasibility of the United States to build a Eurasian encirclement. The new Cold War camp has been gradually established.