I was recommended this gadget for a Valentine’s Day gift. the question is why


We are close to that time again.

A time when you must always (often enough?) remember to treat your loved ones in a way you never treat them.

Oh, you can tell them every day that you love them, but how often do you show it by booking the right restaurant or gift that brings tears to their eyes?

more technically incorrect

So I ask. Have you ever expressed your love with some kind of tool?

I understand that Valentine’s Day can turn into a flashy moment. Especially if you’ve been disappointed with your Christmas gift purchase. And indeed, ZDNET has a very good gift guide that serves the purpose.

But, for example, I still have trouble looking at my wife over the table at a romantic dinner and revealing that I bought her. Amazon Echo.

This doesn’t mean “love” to me.

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Still, this doesn’t stop enterprising PR types from coming up with perfect tech products for Valentine’s Day. Allegedly.

What moved me to the odd level of distracted wailing came from PR people who convinced me that the product they represented would be the perfect token of love.

is called a brand shocksIt elevated the image of lovers at dinner.

“Oh, darling, you love me! You think I need a Shokz.”

“Yes, I am in a relationship with your brother-in-law.”

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As is often the case, it’s me, not you. My sense of what love is and your sense that love can be perfectly expressed through headphones.

Please, I understand that this Shokz may have amazing bone conduction. This again delivers conversational echoes in my ears.

“Honey, this Shokz is lovely.”

“I’m glad you like it.”

“But wait, by buying me these bone conduction headphones, are you saying you’re having trouble getting stuff into my skull?”

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As you can see, gifts can have hidden meanings. And if you look at the full Amazon description of some of Shokz’s headphones, you might be wondering.

E.g: “SHOKZ OpenRun Pro — Open Bluetooth bone conduction sports headphones — Sweat-resistant wireless earphones for workouts and runs with premium deep bass — Built-in microphone with headband.”

You like people you love. But do you buy them something that resists their (excessively?) sweaty nature and even includes a hair band?

People are terribly sensitive these days. They see a lot of meaning in little.

Maybe you’ll take one look at these Shokz and think your Valentine’s Day is worth spending $180 to make them love you a little more.

That’s what futures are all about, especially technology futures.

They show how well you know the person you love. Or how badly.

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