In an attempt to revive its lost glory, fort enthusiasts have started a cleanup campaign at Janjire Dharavi in ​​Uttan.


As the restoration and beautification project of the historic Janjire Dharavi Fort in Uttan near Bhayandar continues to be trapped in bureaucracy, groups of heritage enthusiasts dutifully visit the fort every Sunday to perform a ‘shram daan’ (voluntary cleaning service). Due to the indifference of various government offices, the fortress is creating an unsanitary environment with empty alcohol bottles and other food waste. Heritage buffs under the custody of Janjire Dharavi Killa Jatan Samithi are going further by making a conscious effort to restore the fort to its former glory, as well as clean graffiti and clean trash.

National Human Rights Commission convened civil servants

“Recognizing media reports of illegal activities rampant in the fortress premises as Suomoto, the National Human Rights Commission of Korea summoned the National Police Agency Commissioner and the Archeology and Museum Department Director on January 13, 2023, with the next hearing scheduled for the following date. It will open on February 15th.

    Zanzire Dharavi Fort

Janjire Dharavi Fort | Suresh Golani

Prime Minister Eknath Shinde ordered the Ministry of Tourism to immediately disburse funds worth 10 million rupees (about 100 billion won) for a complete renovation of the fort in November last year. However, the project is awaiting Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) approval, causing excessive delays. A capable military commander who was instrumental in liberating the west coast of India from Portuguese domination, the crowning glory of Chimaji Appa’s career was the brave capture of Fort Vasai in a fierce battle in 1739. To launch an attack during the war, Appa built a ‘buzz’ (watch tower) that kissed the Arabian Sea. A senior police official visited the fort in December 2022 to prepare a security audit report. Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation has also allocated a budget of Rs 300 billion from current accounts for the proper maintenance of the fort.

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