Indian Army opening Sitabuldi Fort on Republic Day; here’s what you need to know

Indian Army Opens Heritage Sitabuldi Fort to the Public for Republic Day
Sitabuldi Fort was the site of a battle between the British forces and the Kingdom of Nagpur in 1817 during the Third Anglo-Maratha War.
The public can visit the historic fort from 12:00pm to 4:00pm at the Army Recruitment Office gate opposite the train station.
The fort is currently owned by the Indian Army and is open for public visits even on public holidays.
Built nearly 200 years ago, the barracks are now occupied by grenadiers from the Indian Army’s 118th Infantry Battalion (Territorial Force).
In 2014, the Indian Army discovered cannons currently placed on the inner gates of the fort. Only the barrel was found, indicating that it was damaged during the war.
A memorial is erected inside the fort to commemorate the soldiers who died during the war.
The old citadel has an underground cistern that is said to have stored water for long periods of time during the siege.

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