Indian smartphone shipments down 6%

New Delhi: In 2022, smartphone shipments in India will reach 151.6 million units, a decrease of 6% compared to 2021. According to Canalys report, Xiaomi was still the top supplier throughout the year. Samsung shipped 6.7 million units in the fourth quarter (Q4) for the first time since the third quarter of 2017, taking the top spot with a 21% market share. The second place was occupied by vivo, which shipped 6.4 million units mainly through offline channels.

“India has been better positioned than other markets to weather the global recession,” said Sanyam Chaurasia, an analyst at Canalys. However, domestic consumer spending has cooled in the final months of 2022. Electronics imports declined.

“In 2022, consumers already have the latest technology they bought during the pandemic, delaying further purchases. This has suppressed demand and made it difficult for smartphone brands to manage inventory,” added Chaurasia. The Indian economy is starting to feel the effects of the global economic slowdown towards the end of 2022.

“We are entering 2023 with economic data suggesting a weak short-term performance,” Chaurasia said. But in 2024, India faces general elections and the government’s strategy is to increase the purchasing power of consumers even with high inflation. “In 2023, the Indian smartphone market expects moderate growth driven by replacement cycles driven by 5G devices, state contracts, smartphone penetration and the introduction of new use cases,” said Canalys.

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