Is ‘Cast Away’ real? Diver reunites with family after 2 hours of disappearance, makes a hammock to survive

Is ‘Cast Away’ real? A diver reunites with his family after 2 hours of disappearance, makes a hammock to survive Watch | Facebook

Dylan Gartenmayer, 21, was reportedly caught in a strong Gulf Stream current hitting the ocean while freediving in Florida. However, he managed how to manage divers to survive life-threatening scenarios. When he was reunited with his concerned family, their Facebook posts shared notes about the entire incident and pointed out Dylan’s survival tactics.

“…he’s the smartest diver I know in the water. He swam about two miles and before he lost energy he grabbed three buoys and built a hammock to float himself.” Read the post to share a video showing Dylan leaving the break he made, swimming towards a lifeboat, and finally hugging his family.

Check out the video:

The real incident reminded me of the Hollywood adventure drama ‘Cast Away’. The character Chuck landed on an island after a fatal plane crash and found a way to survive there.

the diver NBC News “…bait was floating all around me and everything was there. A big fish was eating the bait and I knew soon a shark would be behind them. I was ready to fight. But I’m glad I didn’t have to. .”

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