Japan’s SEGA acquires ‘Angry Birds’ developer Rovio for €706 million

Recently, a major acquisition news in the mobile game industry is that the Japanese game giant SEGA announced that it has acquired the Finnish game developer Rovio for €706 million, which is the developer of the popular series of mobile games “Angry Birds”. , hoping to strengthen the mobile game market.

SEGA officially issued a company announcement today (April 17) to buy Finnish game developer Rovio for €9.25 per share, totaling €706 million in cash, and expects to complete all acquisition procedures before the financial report in March 2024. SEGA said that the average annual growth rate of mobile games is about 5%, and it continues to grow. Therefore, it has decided to make this acquisition. It can not only obtain the copyright of the famous game “Angry Birds”, strengthen the existing game content, but also use Rovio’s technology and creativity to develop more popular mobile games in the future.

Rovio also announced the acquisition news on its official website on the same day.

Rovio is the developer of the “Angry Birds” series. It launched the game in December 2009. The gameplay is to ask the player to adjust the angle of the protagonist Angry Bird on the fork within a limited number of times, fly out and destroy the enemy to complete the task. , the game became very popular for its simple gameplay and interesting character shapes, and later released many high-quality products, accumulating many fans.

As of January 2022, the “Angry Birds” series has launched a total of 21 games, and has also launched two sets of “Angry Birds” series movies and multiple sets of animations. Rovio said that there are multiple “Angry Birds” plans in progress. Hope As soon as possible in the future, we can see the game results of the cooperation between the two.