Jordan Klepper Stunned by Bizarre New Conspiracy Theories at Trump Event

Donald Trump returned to the campaign trail this weekend, and his “Daily Show” tail was smooth as Jordan Klepper addressed supporters outside the event.

Initially billed as a rally, Klepper said the gathering was downgraded to a more “intimate” one.

But on a smaller scale, attendees ranged from the actual president (Trump) to Ukrainian refugees (actors, no war, “everything was rigged”).

One guest referred to himself as “Sombrero Trump” because of the Trump-themed sombrero he was wearing.

“Looking at someone like this, I think they have two dates marked on their calendar: Cinco de Mayo and January 6,” Klepper said.

“Yes.” The man agreed.

Two of the people Klepper spoke with believed there were now two US troops. One under Trump and one under Biden. They also claimed, but are not actually president and do not have the presidential seal.

For more information, see the latest “Jordan Klepper Fingers the Pulse” segment of Tuesday night’s “Daily Show” below.

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