“Journey to Bell Bud” received 200 million netizens in the Mainland in two days and was bombarded with sneak shots in theaters-20230326-Entertainment-Daily Ming Pao


Yan Mingxi came up with a cover disc to pay tribute to his seniors Ng Cheuk-hsi, Huang Zongze, Lin Feng hoped to collaborate on a variety show, many girlfriends were driven away by his mother, Huang Zongze chose a spouse, and he was most afraid of being a bird. Fans watched Eason Chan’s autographed inscription “It’s huh” Guo Zihao worked hard to find a silver home to marry Deng Zhuoyin “Any relationship has a moment of change” He Guangpei defaulted to breaking up with Zhu Chenli and blew himself up to end his 6-year relationship. It’s a pity that Stephen Chow, JJ Lin played “I Draw You Guess”, the name of the song was estimated, and the title of the play was rewarded. Lin Zuo signed a life and death certificate worth 3 million sports car mud. The British show Huang Xinying suspected that he had his girlfriend for the first time in Hong Kong. Celebrating Renjun 23 Year-old birthday NCT ​​Dream plastic box dance Rinya Nakamura flash marriage married female anchor Hirose Suzu sent blessings to Liz Wade Spann divorced before 12th anniversary of marriage The wounded Gui Lifu claimed that she thought she was sexually assaulted[Unboxing]”Sleep Bookstore 4″, the perverted killer’s nature is hard to change, announced the final chapter of the fifth season’; else if(linkNextContent==”) linkNextContent=” Next‘; } } $(‘#prevnext’).html(linkNextContent+linkPrevContent); });