Kai Tak’s minimalist house is “temporary” to avoid city regulations. Residents are dissatisfied with the site selection and planning a rally.

[Legit News 247News]The government has finalized 8 sites for the construction of simple public housing. Among them, the site selection of Kai Tak World Fortune Road has caused the most doubts. Some members of the Legislative Council stated that residents are opposed to the development of simple public housing in Kai Tak. They have applied to hold it on the 11th of this month Rally against the project. Leung Chi Kin, chairman of the executive committee of the Real Estate Developers Association, said, “The government has changed to temporary housing, and the Chamber of Commerce has no choice but to agree.” However, he is worried about the development of the Kai Tak site in five years’ time. However, the government has decided to proceed quickly. According to sources, since the construction of simple public housing in Kai Tak is for “temporary” purposes, it will not submit a planning application to the Town Planning Commission, and the construction height will not be limited by the original height limit of the site. , It is expected to speed up the progress of housing construction. Although there was a time limit for social welfare organizations to build transitional housing before, they submitted planning applications to the Town Planning Commission.

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