Kim Kardashian’s favorite Foreo skin care gadget is on sale on Amazon

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If you want to start the new year with glowing skin, you’ll love this news! Foreo skincare tools that change your life Foreo LunaAmazon sale up to 40% off.

Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba I’m one of those stars who swear to buy the Foreo Luna vibrating brush to boost radiance and reduce blemishes.

Kim Kardashian loves Foreo Luna. Her fellow stars, from Jessica Alba to Venus Williams, are also fans of the beauty gadget brand.

honest tycoon Using her products, Jessica revealed, “It helps to remove grime, sebum, excess oil and leftover makeup, ensuring a truly deep cleanse. It’s amazing.”

Foreo Luna 3, £128.52 / (WAS £209), Amazon

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But Luna is just one of Amazon’s top deals.

Foreo Bear Mini Face Sculpting Device, £149 / $160 (WAS £209), Amazon

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that much foreo bear mini, Small microcurrent devices are also on sale, designed to lift and rejuvenate facial muscles by providing a full face workout in minutes.

Foreo UFO 2 LED Facial Device, £124.50 / $210 (WAS £249), Amazon

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Plus, there are huge discounts. Foreo UFO 2 LED face mask device that gives you a 2-minute spa facial!

Rita Ora is one of the celebrities who raved about the UFO 2, a two-minute facial mask device that uses LED light therapy, heat, and massage to optimize a regular sheet mask.

“It literally feels like you’re at a spa!” said girls The singer added, “It feels like getting a massage and is very nourishing.”

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