La Liga twenty-seventh round – Atletico Madrid VS. Real Betis – the end of the match

The schedule has come to the 27th round, and the state of La Liga’s fourth-place competition has gradually entered a fierce stage, and this round of head-to-head confrontation will also affect the ranking of Betis and Atletico Madrid. Atletico Madrid’s 10-game unbeaten record in the league proves that the team has slowly found its own rhythm after the World Cup; although Betis injured Fekir, Abner who made up for the striker line or The teenager Rodri allows Betis to find a successor for the next Joaqu&iacut;n or Canales. However, the pity of the two teams is that the generals on the front line are all unable to play. Atletico Madrid injured Depay in the middle of the international competition week; Betis was unable to play because of the additional suspension of Canales’ red card. Starting Lineup (5-3-2) Jan Oblak Nahuel Molina Mario Hermoso Stefan Savić José María Giménez Yannick Carrasco Marcos Llorente Koke Thomas Lemar Antoine Griezmann Álvaro Morata In the stage, the formation of 4 backs was also reduced, and the stable use of 3 backs to face most games is also Simeone’s strategy now. However, compared with the 3-back at the beginning of the season, Simeone now uses a more free formation, which also greatly liberates Hermoso’s offensive and defensive capabilities. Different from the poor performance in the first half of the season, Hermoso, who has become the core of the backcourt tactics Great progress has also been made. 5-3-2 formation Taking the 30 seconds of the game as an example, Hermoso has the characteristics of grabbing Rodri. Compared with other defenders of Atletico Madrid, he is also more capable of doing such a job. With a relatively fast recovery speed, he can return to the defense line to make up defenses immediately after being passed. Atletico Madrid’s fastest running speed in this game is also 30.8 km/h handed over by Hermoso. The other two central defenders will try their best to guard Iglesias, Betis’ biggest offensive weapon. Hermoso stepped forward to press Rodri In addition to the attack, Hermoso was also given the absolute command of the defense. When pressing or positioning is needed, Simeone almost gives Hermoso full power to deal with. And Hermoso is also able to use the positioning of his teammates and his own passing to create an offensive space. The pass success rate is as high as 86%, which also makes all enemy players have to be afraid. In the 28th minute, he used the command first and then cooperated with Lemar to form a wall and quickly rush forward to the empty space in the midfield. Not only in defense, Hermoso will also have the opportunity to enter the midfield space when attacking. Hermoso directs his teammates to position. Hermoso cooperates with Lemar and then moves to the midfield. Of course, the pressing system of the entire team can be completed not only by a defender or a midfielder. In the 2nd minute of the game, it can also be seen that Atletico Madrid is completely pressing in the high position, especially when facing Guido, who is facing the opponent’s double midfielder. Usually, Koke will press to the position of the opponent’s midfielder, while Griezmann It will directly push forward and press the goalkeeper Rui Silva. This press at 2 minutes also caused Rui to make a mistake when passing to Ruibal. Atlético began to press, especially against Guido and Rui Silva. In previous games, Atletico Madrid rarely pressed high at such an early time. However, this result is remarkable. Guido’s legend The ball success rate dropped from 88% to just 80%, and Rui Silva dropped from 65% to only 50% success rate. The functionality of Koke must also be mentioned here, because the large-scale coverage of offense and defense also allows Llorente, who is also a midfielder, to display his speed vertically and form multiple crosses with Molina. However, it was too easy to lose the ball in the first half, which also troubled Atletico Madrid. Also in the 2nd minute of the game, Morata won the ball this time, but the too casual pass to Carrasco gave Henrique an immediate opportunity to intercept and counterattack. Fortunately, Morata immediately followed all the way to resolve the offensive crisis, but after this counterattack, Carrasco can also be seen shouting at Morata, hoping that he will not lose the ball so easily. Bad habits are hard to change. In the 21st minute of the game, Morata took the ball again. This time there was Carrasco in the center and Griezmann on the right. Unfortunately, Morata passed the ball to Betis again. Morata made a pass error and was intercepted /5.47//6.25/ Compared with the “relatively” stable defense on the right, Savić on the left encountered a lot of trouble in defense. At 5 minutes, Ayoze on the wing forced his way through Savić’s defense, and Savić gave up space for Ayoze to attack. Thanks to the help of Molina, the crisis was resolved; in the next minute, Savić tried to dribble the ball up He participated in the attack before, but he didn’t expect that the mistake was caught by Rodri. At this time, the other defenders had already stepped forward to participate in the transmission. They had no time to react to the mistake of Savić, and Atletico Madrid’s backcourt was immediately caught by Beti. Fortunately, after Iglesias passed it to Ayoze, the latter did not have an effective finish, so that Savić’s problem was not magnified. And also in these two rounds, Betis has established the direction of attack. As long as Atletico Madrid is led by Savić, they will press up regardless of the reason. Savić was first cut off by Ayoze through Savić and then intercepted by Rodri to form a crisis. However, facing Betis’ fairly high defense, Atletico Madrid also began to counterattack. In the 6th minute of the game, Carrasco and Lemar, two players with excellent speed, started the run, and the latter crossed to find Morata in the penalty area. This time, Morata missed the ball quite cleverly and tried to give his teammate a chance at the far post. Unfortunately, at the moment Griezmann was still in the middle, but immediately Molina received the ball and tried a cross. This opportunity was torn because Miranda was going to defend Molina from the side. To the near point that Molina transmitted. Lemar passed a cross to Morata, but unfortunately the ball was shot on the side netting, and the goal was almost completed. And it can also be observed here that Atletico Madrid almost always used Molina and Llorente’s right flank to attack crosses. In total, Atletico Madrid’s offenses in the first half were launched from the right flank 14 times, and Molina had 7 times. Cross chances, Llorente also had 5 crosses, and the key passes of the two were 4 and 2 times respectively. Under Guido’s continuous pressure, Betis was also forced to let their No. 10 Rodri have more retreats, and under such circumstances, it would somewhat pull Atletico Madrid’s defense. At this time, Simeone also ordered I have issued clear instructions, hoping that the team’s defense can stand closer. However, in the 9th minute, the Atletico Madrid players had done their best no matter whether it was pressing or positioning. However, Guido’s pick pass to Iglesias forced Savić to make another mistake. The situation of the empty goal also exposed Atletico Madrid again. In danger of conceding a goal at any time. Savić made another mistake and couldn’t stop Iglesias. 10 minutes ago, Atletico Madrid gave Betis so many attacking opportunities. The big reason was that they couldn’t control the ball well. Therefore, after 10 minutes, Atletico Madrid can be seen taking the initiative. He took possession of the ball and let Griezmann follow behind to help with the ball. Griezmann, who can attack with the ball, is definitely offensively creative, so it can be seen that in the 12th minute, Griezmann had a 1-over-4 scene. Combining Griezmann’s retreat and Hermoso’s forward movement, a special sight can often be seen in Atletico Madrid games. Griezmann retreated, and Hermoso of course mentioned the dribbling part forward. Henrique of Betis must also be mentioned. On the right, he has good size, speed, and even dribbling skills. However, until the latter part of the game, we still saw Carrasco maintain a high position from time to time even though he was a wing back. And this also has to mention Henrique’s small flaws, poor finishing ability, which also makes Henrique often be judged by Hermoso or Giménez and lose his threat. It can be seen immediately in the 14th minute of the game, because Carrasco pushed up ahead of time, allowing Lemar to quickly form a cooperative advance with Carrasco. Finally, after a cross from Carrasco, Morata in the penalty area seemed to have a chance to grab a point. However, after being pushed by Luiz Felipe, not only did he not have a chance to shoot, but also the 12-yard referee who thought it might be formed. Give. Something has to be said for Morata here, yes! He falls easily, but it doesn’t mean that every time he falls to the ground, it will be a flop. It is the third time this year that Morata has been fouled in the penalty area and the referee ignored it. These stereotypes of players often hurt to the fairness of the game. Morata was pushed by Felipe in the box /22.50/ While Morata “lost” chances, Griezmann created many chances for himself. Continuously using the gap between the central defender and the full back, especially the communication problem between Felipe and Miranda, is a good opportunity for Griezmann to see the stitches. In 22 minutes, Koke used a long pass to find Griezmann. Griezmann found a gap to receive Koke’s lob and strong attack, and Atletico Madrid gradually took over the strong balance after 30 minutes. In the 33rd minute, Llorente’s two breakthroughs were blocked by Felipe’s fouls. At 35 minutes, Griezmann still maintained his strong pressing force, and even went directly in front of Rui to steal in front of the goal. However, this time Rui made a bold attempt to defuse Griezmann’s flying shovel. It can be regarded as revenge for Rui. After all, in the first half of the season, Griezmann used a corner kick to score directly, which must have made Rui a lot of time. 40 minutes after Griezmann pressed in front of the goal, Betis also decided to change the strategy of holding the ball, using Carvalho’s retreat to exchange the ball with Guido. On the front line, Iglesias also made many small interference moves in order to prevent Atletico Madrid players from easily holding the ball, and directly pulled Griezmann and Llorente who were holding the ball once each. /43.34//43.36/ The strong Betis also put some pressure on Atletico Madrid’s original formation. At 43 minutes, Hermoso complained to his teammates because he was not around and he was under pressure. However, after Simeone saw this, he immediately tried to communicate with Hermoso. From Simeone’s gestures, it seemed that the coach believed in Hermoso’s ability to pass the ball and hoped that he would directly use the long pass to advance forward. However, for Hermoso, he hoped that There are teammates nearby who can cooperate with him to try to break through and avoid counterattacks due to possession of the ball. Hermoso complained that teammates Hermoso and Simeone communicated with each other’s offense and defense, and the fans appreciated many wonderful offense and defense in the first half. In the second half, Atletico Madrid also maintained the same strategy as the first half at the start of the game, launching a press first. In the 46th minute, Llorente went to direct and Morata went forward to press together, which also caused Felipe’s pass error. They are also pressing tactics, the difference is that the protagonist has changed, from Koke in the first half to Llorente. From Koke’s press in the first half, it was changed to Llorente’s initiative, but it was too aggressive, which also scared the Atletico Madrid fans into a cold sweat. In the 47th minute, because of the sprinting and pulling the ball back too violently, Molina was a little stretched to the thigh. In the next game, Molina still maintained the motivation to run, and did not suffer serious injuries. The active attack also allowed Atletico Madrid to find a chance in the 48th minute, using a corner kick to attack Griezmann to find Giménez in the penalty area, and then almost beat the goalkeeper, only one post away from scoring. However, if you look closely at this offensive and defensive round, you can still find that, in fact, the position of the ball should allow the goalkeeper Rui a chance to deal with it directly. But this must also mention Griezmann’s direct free kick goal in the last round. In that goal, it was because Rui stood too far outside and the goal was scored. This is also the reason why Rui chose to stand this time. Get closer to the goal to avoid a repeat of the tragedy. And it’s not just the corner kick attack. It was mentioned in the first half that Molina’s offense continued to ferment in the second half. It’s a pity that when Molina held the ball in the 51st minute, no one approached him at all. Cholo had to keep reminding Llorente to follow up and help. Although there is a difference from Simeone’s direct tactics in the first half, it can be seen in this Play that Simeone has slowly adopted Hermoso’s opinion and tried more short-distance coordination. After Llorente handed the ball to Molina, the Llorente began to walk towards the penalty area, and Molina was forced to make a hard pass. However, at this time, it can be seen that almost all Atletico Madrid players are standing in the middle of the penalty area, and there are almost no players near the post, which also makes it easier for Betis to defend the pass. Molina crossed to the near post, but everyone gathered in the middle of the game. The game was special in 55 minutes. The game was stopped suddenly because of the injury of the linesman, and this is one of the few times in the top league that the referee was suddenly changed during the game. Side referee substitution Of course, the main substitution in the game is still the most important player. Therefore, in the 58th minute, the home team also replaced Molina who may have a thigh strain and Lemar in the midfield, replaced Correa and de Paul, and changed the formation to 5-4-1, right wing back The position was filled by Llorente. After the 5-4-1 formation, Atletico Madrid also immediately showed a threatening offensive performance after the substitution. At 60 minutes, the original connection between Correa and Llorente was unsuccessful, and Llorente’s space was also blocked. However, Llorente used his own speed to tear Miranda’s defense again, and found Morata in the middle with a cross, which was the same as the first half The same Morata also passed the ball again and gave Carrasco, who was late, a chance to shoot at the goal. Llorente crossed Carrasco and missed the shot. Unfortunately, the too easy shot is quite hot for Carrasco. As long as it is not difficult enough, Carrasco can’t send the ball into the goal. Here you can also see a clever move by Griezmann. Without the ball, Griezmann also used his sideways to help Carrasco fend off a defender to create a shot opportunity. Afterwards, Llorente continued to pass opportunities, but more and more Betis players returned to the defense, which also reduced the threat of Atletico Madrid’s crosses. However, the many attacks also made the home fans gradually boil up, and Simeone also told the fans to follow suit! Simeone encouraged the audience to see that the momentum was wrong, and Betis coach Pellegrini also immediately made a substitution, replacing the young Rodri with the veteran Joaqu&iacut;n who came to the attacking midfield position. Betis’s substitution also had an immediate effect. After a match with Miranda in the 62nd minute, Miranda immediately cut inside. Joaqu&iacut;n also used his precise crossing ball to pass the ball past Savić and Llorente to Miranda. Execute the shot. Fortunately, Miranda is not a striker and does not have such precise footwork. If the ball had been Juanmi or Canales, it would have probably scored. Joaqu&iacut;n created offensive opportunities with Miranda as soon as he came on the field. From being a quick winger in the past to now using experience and passing to connect the team near the offensive midfielder, Joaqu&iacut;n’s skill set is simply bottomless. In the 64th minute, Joaqu&iacut;n took advantage of the gap outside the penalty area and made another long shot, only one ball away from the space to threaten Oblak’s goal. Of course, it’s not just that Joaqu&iacut;n increased the threat of Betis. The big reason is that Atletico Madrid placed Llorente’s position more centrally and forward, which also caused a gap on the right to run out, and this also Let Joaqu&iacut;n, and even Miranda on the wing have more opportunities to attack forward. Taking advantage of the active attack of Betis players, in 66 minutes, the midfielder Griezmann intercepted the ball 50/50 and immediately decided to dribble forward, forming a 4-on-3 opportunity in the frontcourt. After the ball was handed over to Carrasco, Carrasco decided to use dribbling to wait for the striker to come forward, and then use a turn and pass to find Morata and Correa in the penalty area. Unfortunately, the ball was too long for Morata to kick, and too high for Correa, who was not tall enough to handle. It was also at this time that Simeone decided to replace Morata’s previous midfielder Barrios at 67 minutes because of multiple defensive problems to stabilize the midfielder’s defense and ball control ability. Betis also replaced Ayoze at the same time, and let the winger Juanmi play to increase the attacking power. At this time, Atletico Madrid’s formation was changed back to 5-3-2 again, hoping to use the speed of Griezmann and Correa to try to break through. The replaced young player Barrios also showed his offensive creativity in the game. Betis players who were holding the ball in 74 minutes were all on guard against Barrios holding the ball and Correa beside him. The ball was passed to Correa, but in an instant he saw Carrasco with a gap in front of him, and knowing Carrasco’s speed, Barrios also changed the passing path and passed the ball to Carrasco’s feet to create an offensive opportunity. Barrios made people think that he was going to give the ball to Correa but passed it to Carrasco. Atletico Madrid, who changed the lineup, did receive the attack effect again. The onslaught in the 71st minute also gave Llorente a chance to shoot. Although it was blocked by Rui Silva, but Koke, standing in front of the goal, also took a chance to shoot and scored. It is a pity that Koke was in an offside position through VAR’s ruling and the goal was confiscated. Koke shoots in front of the goal/74.51//83.12/ Because of the stability of Atletico Madrid’s change of team, Betis is relatively less stable than Joaqu&iacut;n when he first played in the control of the ball. Therefore, around 75 minutes, Joaqu&iacut;n I also hope that my teammates will not lose the ball easily, and I will give more advice to my teammates when I pass the ball again. I hope that the team will slow down the attack speed and make more use of the two central defenders who play well to switch sides. Everything is to keep Betis possession of the ball. But it was also such a slow wear and tear, allowing Betis to finally catch Atletico Madrid’s small mistake in 76 minutes. After Henrique used the right to break through Giménez and Carrasco, the cross was given to Juanmi who inserted from the side. At this time, because Llorente did not keep up with Juanmi, the latter also received a cross and shot. It’s a pity that Juanmi didn’t control the volley very well this time and the shot flew away. Joaquín hope everyone can stabilize Henrique’s cross to find Juanmi. The same situation happened again in 83 minutes. The defender ignored Juanmi’s running because he was attracted by William José. At this time, Henrique’s cross again gave Juanmi a head The opportunity of the ball, and the blocking of Oblak, Atletico Madrid can continue to keep zero seals. After 83 minutes, Atletico Madrid also started the last substitution, removing Koke and Carrasco, putting on Saúl and Witsel, and changing the formation to 4 defenders. Atletico Madrid finally changed the formation to 4-4-2. The 85th minute of the game was really the turning point of Atletico Madrid’s offense. The same tactical concept as at 67 minutes, that is, to use Griezmann’s attractiveness and pass the ball, in conjunction with Correa’s substitutions and breakthroughs. Also using this tactic, Griezmann handed the ball to Correa first, and Correa also turned on the dribble mode mercilessly, first passing the national team teammate Pezzella, and then throwing off Ruibal with a heal-to-heal To make up the defense, the last fake shot tricked Miranda to complete the goal. After scoring in one go, coupled with the quasi-lore near the end of the game, Betis central defender Felipe knelt down and hugged his head after the game. Felipe on his knees in despair ⚡ ⚡ Qué manera de sortear rivales @AngelCorrea32 ❤ @Atleti #LaLigaSantander #LaLigaHighlights #AtletiRealBetis pic.twitter.com/X1U7iDCuK1 — LaLiga (@LaLiga) April 6, 2023 and the match is finally set at 1: With a score of 0, Atletico Madrid recovered 3 points at home, pushing the number of unbeaten games in the recent league to 11 games. The recent fluctuations in the coaching market, coupled with Atletico Madrid’s own excellent performance, also give Simeone more opportunities to stay with the team at the end of this season. Embed from Getty Imageswindow.gie=window.gie||function(c){(gie.q=gie.q||[]).push(c)};gie(function(){gie.widgets.load({id:’MkN8WRsoSUJQtmvFFZRIpQ’,sig:’D3CD95y003x8j8jbi9QFtEog8Zl0bjhNR7PD4M0z8TE=’,w:’594px’,h:’396px’,items11:’70979 ‘,caption: true ,tld:’com’,is360: false })}); Extended reading: May wish to follow my Instagram account which is updated from time to time! → Horse medicine experts learn more about Atletico/Horse For relevant information, please refer to the largest introduction in traditional characters Fan page! Round 11 – Atlético de Madrid VS. Celta Vigo – What you expected to achieve You have changed, but you haven’t changed Antoine Griezmann The eighteenth round of La Liga – Atlético de Madrid VS. 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