Lin Baoyi invites to cooperate with another drama and Chen Huishan promises to seriously consider after completing the thesis


Eason Chan turned into a master of dust and realized: being a person is the happiest (22:14) Lin Baoyi invited to cooperate with the filming of the drama and Chen Huishan promised to seriously consider after finishing the thesis (21:31) Yeung Miriam was accused of kneeling to help her son try on shoes: Parents often Doing normal things (20:53) Yan Mingxi sang Anita Mui’s “Heart Debt” and praised Huang Zongze for singing “The King of Karaoke” ok (20:18) Wu Zhuoxi, Lin Feng Huang Zongze took a photo with mainland actress Zhao Yingzi and buried a copy in the mirror (19:40)Wireless layoffs|Liu Peiyue said that the impact of the epidemic is unavoidable and adjusted his attitude to be optimistic (18:58)He Guangpei broke up with Zhu Chenli by default and said that the relationship has changed after 6 years. My young girl friend was chased away by my mother (18:07) Lin Zuozhi was about to win a sports car prize of 3 million, threatened to export money and lure his opponents (16:48) Winka broke up and was criticized for consumption: the person who let go first does not represent Will it be sad (16:21) Lu Hanting finished work late at night and became addicted to singing, walking and singing in the rain on the streets of Japan (15:39) Invisible Team | Sao Hong Kong fans congratulate Ren Jun on his birthday (14:16) A family of four in an amusement park, Xiong Dailin holding the eldest daughter, was accused of partiality to the real person and responded in person (14:11) RubberBand UK Sao Huang Xinying suspected that she was following her girlfriend to post local travel photos (13 :39) Huiyan Yaji Charity Gala|Myolie Wu Excitedly Meets Idol Ye Suiwen Chu Lingling (13:04) Yao Zhuofei’s old ballet photos were exposed and the group photo of the company’s C position has not yet entered the industry and has begun to show star flavor (12:40)

Article date: March 25, 2023

Chen Huishan and Lin Baoyi performed the “Infinite Beyond the Stars Concert” held in Macau tonight. Chen Huishan, who hadn’t appeared in front of the scene for a long time, said frankly that she was nervous: “This is the first time we have collaborated on stage to sing. Before the rehearsal, we used the key to sing. I don’t want to disappoint the audience. During the rehearsal, I saw clips of the episodes we collaborated with back then. It turned out that everyone was very happy.” When the two were asked when they would collaborate again in the production of dramas, Chen Huishan bluntly said that there was a chance, and Lin Baoyi said: “I plan to I am looking for her to conceive a script for a performance, and I hope that busy people can give me two weeks to participate.” Chen Huishan replied: “As a mother, student and educator, the work is never done. After I finish the thesis, if there is a suitable role, I will seriously consider it. consider.”