“Look at NPB23-05” Fukuoka Super Eagle Speed, Zhou Dongyoujing sprinting single game “Running Award”

In the regular game held at PayPay Dome in Fukuoka a few days ago, the SoftBank Hawks beat the Nippon Ham Fighters by 1 point in the overtime. Running back half of the points for the team, with wonderful speed performances, is definitely a player worthy of your attention this season. ▼The new generation Wei Tuotian, “Speed” is his world-renowned name. Born in Zhou Dongyujing, Ota City, Gunma Prefecture, he has had a good running speed since he was a child. There has even been a member of the family who participated in the Olympics. The original Japanese 110-meter men’s hurdle The record holder, so has pretty good genes in it. Gradually growing into an adult, the tall body and slender legs are more conducive to his speed. In the four years of college, one person has a record of 40 stolen bases. Zhou Dong’s speed is astonishing. As far as the record shows, his 50-meter score is 5.7 seconds, which is close to the world and Asian records; in addition, it only takes 3.8 seconds to run from home plate to first base, In this classic game, the key substitute running for the lore of Mexico, he ran from first base to home plate in 10.28 seconds. What impressed me the most was the photo of Shohei Otani when he passed third base, and Zhou Dong was already following closely behind. And ready to step on the third base pack. Although it wasn’t the main focus, but if it wasn’t for the 1 point brought by his speed, it would be hard to tell the outcome of the day. Zhou Dong himself can be regarded as one of the successful cases of Softbank’s cultivation of the kingdom. In 2017, he joined Softbank as the second nominee in the draft. He successfully stole bases 50 times and won the first base stealing title in his career. In addition, he succeeded in stealing bases in 13 consecutive games. Last season, when he played against the Hanshin Tigers in an exchange game, he got his 100th career steal from Yonghui Nishi. (Photo source: Official IG of the Samurai Samurai Team) ▼Let speed determine everything. Zhou Dongyoujing, the hero who won three steals in a single game, is not only amazing in speed, but also has a variety of defensive positions. At first, he defended the infield (second and third bases), Now he has also trained in the outfield defense. Recently, he has played as an outfielder (right. Center field). He is good at speed, and it is indeed a very suitable decision to defend the outfield. In terms of bats, due to the lack of strength in hitting and ball selection, they are often ranked in the back of the bats. However, after the return of this year’s classic game, the director Hiroshi Fujimoto boldly changed him to the position of the pioneer. nice performance. 04/11 In the home game against the Nippon-Ham Fighters, Zhou Dongyujing ran an amazing “Running Reward” performance. After the first hitter hit the right field hit, the next batter made a surprise run. The stolen base was confirmed by the IRS Success, although it did not run back the score, but it did make the opponent break out in a cold sweat. After the second bat got a four-ball walk, he stole the base again. Not only did he succeed this time, but he also ran back to the lead with a hit by Takeshi Kondo, who transferred to the team this year; the last two bats failed to make a pit stop The two teams also fought fiercely all the way and tied 3:3 to enter the overtime. (Photo source: screenshot of Pacific TV broadcast) In the first half of the tenth inning, Softbank relied on young player Yuki Tsumori to successfully defend the score. In the second half of the inning, Zhou Dongyujing took the lead in hitting the strike zone and hit a hit in the direction of center field, and then launched three times Stealing the base and successfully entering the scoring circle; Kensuke Kondo was walked by Keiyuan, Yuki Yanagida hit a hit in the direction of center field and filled the bases. Zhou Dong sent home to grab the winning point. Although Softbank only scored 6 hits in this game, relying on Zhou Dong’s “Fighting Reward”, the short hit directly became longer and scored points. In addition, Kurihara’s key 2 hits and brought back 3 RBIs, let The team won the victory in the turbulent waves. The contribution of the two is beyond doubt, and they are the absolute contributors to the victory. (Left: Zhou Dongyoujing, Right: Kurihara Lingya; Image source: Softbank Hawks official Twitter) ▼Speed ​​​​stars are new, and their performance is worthy of attention. This season should be a season in which Zhou Dongyoujing can perform well. He has not been stable before With the opportunity to play, he has secured his starting position from the very beginning this year. His performance did not disappoint Supervisor Fujimoto. As of 2023/04/13, 33 at-bats have hit 9 hits, and there are two long-hits. The batting average is .273; The scoring rate on the team is 17%. In addition, his speed performance did not disappoint. He has attempted to steal bases 5 times and succeeded 4 times. When watching the game clips carefully, you can find that his starting speed is fast and his judgment is very accurate. It must be said that his speed is so fast that even a 155km fastball can steal a base from the foreign investment. A good player who puts pressure on the opponent. The division of labor on the modern baseball field is becoming more and more precise, which also allows more players with different characteristics to have more room to play on the field. In the previous top 12 baseball games in the world, Zhou Dongyujing was hired by Inaba as a “full-time runner” Director Atsuki was selected, and Hideki Kuriyama also saw this in this classic and included it in the team, all of which showed good results. To be honest, he really doesn’t look like a baseball player when he runs between the bases, and no one would object to him being a track and field player; now Zhou Dong has brought his good form back to the team, and he is currently helping the team stand firm. Let us continue to look forward to what kind of “speed” Jilong’s position will become handsome in the future. 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