“Look at WBC SE5-14” semi-finals analysis A: Cuba defends and advances, the United States bucks the trend and captures the semi-finals

The World Baseball Classic, the quarter-finals rematch has officially started, and the eight advanced teams will compete in Japan and the United States. Cuba made a strong investment to catch up with Australia and won the first place in the semi-finals. The United States hit a shocking comeback, defeated Venezuela and seized the promotion seat. The two countries will have their first classic match in the semi-finals. For performance and battle analysis, please see the analysis below. ▼A review of the G1 and G3 quarter-finals (picture source: MLB Taiwan Fan Zhuan). G1-Australia 3:4 Cuba, the first match of the semi-finals, Australia played against Cuba at the Tokyo Dome. In this battle, Cuba sent Japanese relay king Rodriguez (Y.Rodriguez) to start. Unexpectedly, in the second game, D.George and R.Wingrove (R.Wingrove) took the lead with one long hit and one short hit However, Cuba also responded in the next half inning, tying the score with a hit; Y. Guibert added another hit and scored another 2 points, turning the lead 4:1 in one fell swoop. In the sixth inning of the game, Wingrove stepped forward again, hitting a deep 2-run homer from right field to close the score by only 1 run, but then Cuba’s winning formula – Moninello (L .Moinelo) and Martinez (R.Martinez) teamed up to attack, and sent 4K in 2 rounds successively, overwhelming the Australian line and closing the door smoothly, and finally defeated Australia 4:3. Both teams performed well in this game. The process was quite see-saw, and they all had a chance to win. Seven Australian pitchers played in a relay game, but unfortunately they were caught by the opponent. On the other hand, the five Cuban pitchers combined to send 10K. Get your first Final Four ticket to the USA. . G3-America 9:7 In the last game of the semi-finals of Venezuela, the landlord, the United States, played against Venezuela, which is the first in Group D. The United States launched an offensive in the first inning, hit five consecutive hits and scored 3 points, directly dismissing Venezuela’s starter MPérez, but Lin (L. L.Arraez) returned a two-point shot, pulling the score to 3:2. In the fourth round, Venezuela made a defensive error, relying on M.Betts’ high-flying sacrifice to score another point, and in the fifth round, K.Tucker made up for the spring gun to widen the point difference to 3 points. distance. The U.S. replaced pitcher D.Bard in the bottom of the fifth inning. Unexpectedly, he made his comeback. He walked, hit and wildly pitched one after another. With no outs and full bases, he didn’t grasp the timing of the pitch change, and then was sniped by the group match MVP S.Perez and R.Acuna Jr. and scored 4 points to complete the overtake in one fell swoop . Ales also made up Yangchun bullets to increase insurance points in the seventh inning. The twists and turns of the game came to the eighth inning, as if the scripts were exchanged. The United States also achieved a no-out situation with walks, hits, and pitches. Venezuela also changed its pitcher. The ground-breaking slam shot by the left fielder was cheered by the audience to complete the reversal and lead. In the end, R. Pressly closed the door to accept the victory and get the last promotion ticket. This game is really called “the game is full of bases”. It was an unexpected brilliant strike battle. The United States hit 15 hits and polished the diamond line signboard. The determination of the defending champion, on the other hand, Venezuela, which has a stable pitcher in the group stage, collapsed in this game. In addition, the defense is not strong. Although there is a chance to catch the opponent, it cannot resist the opponent’s strong counterattack. It can be said that the ticket is lost. of. ▼Four-final rematch A: Cuba vs. the United States Cuba and the United States entered the rematch. The firepower of Cuba and the United States after entering the rematch is really different. The United States, which was originally unstable, broke out in this battle. The three to five clubs in the center knocked out a total of 7 Turner (T.Turner) hit a grand slam at the last bat. As the commentators said, any bat can play the role of a central hitter. All hit statistics are the top of the top four teams. If he can continue to play, he is definitely expected to challenge for the championship. On the other hand, the key to Cuba’s promotion to the semi-finals is not to rely on strong strikes but to rely on defense. In particular, the pitching force of the center back is quite sufficient. In addition, the hitters’ bats are sticky, so they are less likely to be struck out and have more opportunities to challenge. Base package, want to continue to advance is not without opportunity. After the four quarter-finals, the competitions in the two places are divided into two types. Tokyo decides the promotion team in the early stage, and Miami decides the winner in the later stage. The key to this battle between Cuba and the United States should be “the first game and the end “Three innings”, whether the firepower of the United States can beat Cuba, or whether Cuban pitchers can show the strength to suppress major league hitters, there is a feeling of a big conflict, and the matchup should be quite good. As for the pitcher, the timing of pitching changes in the United States needs to be paid attention to. The strength of the backup pitchers is not bad, but whether they can come up and dismantle the bomb at the right time depends on the current judgment of the coaching staff. There are problems in this regard in both the group stage and the rematch. A bad timing can lead to a loss. Cuba basically only needs to go through five innings. It is common to send a pitcher up in the next inning. Whether or not they hold on to the power of the Americas will be an important key to advancement. After becoming the first team to advance to the semi-finals, Cuba has already flown to the United States to adjust the time difference and status. It is also the team with the most rest among the teams. According to reports, R.Elias will be the main pitcher for the starting lineup. , played against both Italy and Australia, allowed 2 runs in 7 innings, and performed well with an ERA of 2.57, but since he is not a strikeout-type pitcher, whether “defense” can be in place to help will be the primary focus; the United States will be played by a 41-year-old veteran A.Wainwright (A.Wainwright) played in the group stage against the United Kingdom and cast 4 rounds of 4K. He was knocked down by 5 safety and 1 shot. Not only is he experienced, he is also a relatively stable starter in the team, but the high WHIP value is What needs to be worried about is that it is not a good thing if Cuba gets on base too much. In terms of competition predictions, Cuba is not a team that is too aggressive this year. Defense will be the main focus. The United States will see if they can play the diamond line. ;The development of the battle situation may be that Cuba wins a little bit, or the United States will kill the Quartet. The author predicts that “the United States” can advance to the championship game and challenge the defending glory. This game is scheduled to be held at 7:00 am on 03/20 (Monday) Taiwan time. If there is any change, we will wait for the official announcement to continue to promote the newly established fan page of the younger brother. After that, we will watch sports and chat with everyone on it. Share a lot and click like! 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