[Lu Xiufang Spicy Evening News]Revenge! Go to the dollar. Interview with the Brazilian President of Huawei"against beauty" @CtiNews Highlights – Zhongtian TV

[Lu Xiufang Spicy Evening News]Revenge! Go to the US dollar. Visit Huawei. Brazil’s president “fights against the United States” @CtiNews quintessential version of Zhongtian TV. Lula visits Xinkai Bank and calls on the BRICS countries to settle in local currency. “Struggle between the United States and China – 20230414 – China Legit news 247News Network[Morning Live]Brazilian President Lula called on the BRICS countries to use their own currency for settlement, asking: “Why can’t it be RMB?” Xi Jinping inspected Guangdong, releasing positive messages about China’s prosperity to the world. On April 14, 2023, Lula’s report on the Bastille Post bus is powerful enough, and Biden is about to drop the report on the bus to bypass the U.S. dollar! Lula calls for BRICS local currency settlement|Cai Zhengyuan: Huawei’s smart move to deeply cultivate Riyadh|[Global Vision on]20230413 full version @Global_Vision Global Vision View full report on Google News