Meta Improves Quest’s Hand Tracking Skill Accuracy With New Update

Meta improved Meta Quest’s hand tracking technology with a new v2.1 update and made it the default setting for the Quest application.

Hand tracking 2.1 update features upgrades to reliability, accuracy and system pinch quality to improve the consistency and flexibility of hand inputs in users’ virtual reality (VR) applications, Meta said in a Quest blog post.

“With Hand Tracking 2.1, the app can reduce tracking loss and predict future positions better than ever before.”

Recovery time was also significantly reduced if the hand was out of field of view (FOV) after a loss. Reducing recovery time improves immersion and provides a smoother interaction for users.

“These improvements are useful for many VR experiences, but are particularly useful for apps that encourage quick movement, such as fitness apps,” the company said.

Additionally, new upgrades to handle fast motion movements help reduce jitter and improve tracking continuity in applications.

As a result, the user’s hand position recovers more quickly after exiting the FOV and returning.

“We first introduced hand tracking to the Meta Quest in 2019,” said Meta.

Meanwhile, the company also announced Monday it is expanding its partnerships with the National Basketball Association (NBA) and Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) to bring more than 50 live VR games on Meta Quest.



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