Multiverse Computing and PINQ2 Team Adopt Quantum Computing Across Industries High Performance Computing News Analysis

TORONTO, January 23, 2023 – Quantum and quantum-inspired software company Multiverse Computing today announced a new partnership with The Platform for Quantum and Digital Innovation (PINQ).2) is a non-profit organization initiated by the University of Sherbrooke and the Department of Economics and Innovation in Quebec, Canada to collaborate on industry projects in the field of quantum and classical computing.
PINQ, part of the Quebec Quantum Innovation District2 We provide new and existing companies with the technical expertise and IT infrastructure to test and support the digital transformation of existing products and services. Multiverse works with companies in numerous verticals to implement hybrid, quantum and quantum-inspired solutions, including manufacturing, healthcare, finance, chemistry and energy.

Sherbrooke University and Department of Economics and Innovation launched PINQ.2 In 2020, accelerate your digital transformation efforts using our high-performance computing infrastructure and network of industry and academic partners to develop compelling business solutions.

“There is a clear appetite for collaboration and experimentation, and we think that’s what the market needs to be able to drive this next wave of technology. “People need to get their hands on technology, experiment with it, make it their own, and create useful knowledge that will create long-term value,” said Gael Humbert, Director of Development Partnerships and Strategy at PINQ.2. “Working with Multiverse is a good sign for the quantum ecosystem and we look forward to expanding access to quantum technologies.”

PINQ2‘s goal is to make Quebec home to the most comprehensive quantum and hybrid computing platform, supporting an ecosystem of innovation and attracting investment and talent with a focus on classical, hybrid and quantum digital solutions.

“Our customers now see business value in quantum computers and algorithms, and we are excited to share our expertise with PINQ.2 said Mehdi Bozzo-Rey, Chief Revenue Officer, Multiverse Computing. “Partnerships are essential to building a quantum ecosystem to identify best practices and advance innovative solutions. This collaboration will have a decisive impact on the growth of the quantum ecosystem and industry adoption of innovative technologies.”

To support the partnership, Multiverse will collaborate on outreach and contribute to PINQ.2 Provides platforms as part of customer projects and provides technical training on Multiverse products and solutions.

PINQ2 plans major investments in infrastructure, data sovereignty and digital transformation to support an ecosystem that includes traditional infrastructure, cloud quantum infrastructure, the IBM 127-qubit Falcon quantum computer and other photonic and quantum systems.

PINQ2 He is part of a growing group of quantum experts in Toronto, Montreal and Sherbrooke. Multiverse also recently announced a partnership with Mila, a Montreal-based research institute focused exclusively on machine learning. Multiverse and Mila will advance AI and machine learning (ML) using quantum and quantum-inspired methods. The partnership will also focus on developing new leaders in the advanced fields of quantum computing and ML.

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