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Huang Weiwen, Fu Peijia, reminiscing about the old days in London, went to the Internet celebrity to check in the restaurant to film “Uh like Xiang” (22:19) Chi Changxu came to Hong Kong to check in frantically, sat on the MTR, sighed at the food, watched Arbor, played chess and enjoyed the night view of Victoria Harbor (22:01) Myolie Wu congratulated her husband “Entering Five” Lamenting that time flies too fast: Cherish everything (20:18) The preview of “Unbalanced Murder and Murder” is the first to unveil the mystery of urban legends (20:11) The Invisible Team|Lin Zishan pushes a 120-kilogram giant car in a muscle-explosive scene (19:50) shared by Lu Hanting The dance version of “MONEY” is a bit of Feng Subo’s praise: I love pink (19:42) Liu Xinyou’s mysterious husband is suspected of exposing her loose-fitting dress, causing speculation about her pregnancy (19:32) Hong Yongcheng told bedtime stories and asked her to listen to Amber’s admission to an international school (19:26) Candidates for the “Best Director” and “New Director” of the Golden Statue Awards took special photos of Wei Jiahui, Chan Wing-sun and He Juetian’s photos exposed (18:45) Ge Minhui made Leslie Cheung’s head portrait to commemorate a generation of superstar Wen Jun as a “brother fan” “Treasure Magazine Cover” (18:37) “Goddess Harvester” Luo Tianyu was exposed and Chen Xiaohua traveled to Japan at the same time (18:21) Invisible Team|Lin Zishan pretended to be Awang to trick Liu Peiyue’s future stepmother. Netizens praised her acting skills for a great leap forward (17:21) 45) Serrini laughed at himself as “playing shit” and didn’t dare to cooperate with Ivana in filming (17:28) Integrity Sniper|Nancy Wu and Huang Zhixian’s ultimate duel, crazy revenge, violent and violent (17:15) Zhang Mingya’s sexy look for the new song MV is more well maintained than when she was casting Miss Hong Kong (17:05) He Chaolian passed on the marriage news and Ma Tianyou said that he had less contact: the National People’s Congress has friends from different circles (16:28) Xie Junhao’s 60th birthday party with half a hundred friends The older the birthday, the more like Mommy Zhang Jicong: I’m relieved (15:00) Middle-aged good voice|The first round of the top 10 fierce battle Wu Daqiang chose the wrong song and fell into crisis (14:29) Japanese TV series “The Flower That Blooms for You” 23-year-old male Star NOA came to Hong Kong to show in May (14:20) He Guangpei Ig unilaterally unfollowed Zhu Chenli’s 6-year scandal, which was suspected to have ended (13:56) Unicorn was promoting Li Junjie’s new song to support the bus to travel around Kowloon tomorrow (13:26) Chen Hao transformed into Oppa Visiting Seoul with Aimee Chen, wearing traditional Hanbok, visiting Bukchon Hanok Village (13:00) Lucy, the sister of Sucy, refuses to see her grandma’s tricks to deal with it

Article date: March 23, 2023

Myolie Wu’s husband Li Chengde (Philip) officially entered the fifth year. Philip, who turned 50, recently held a birthday party and invited friends to attend. The three babies of the two in-laws also celebrated with their father in cute clothes. Today (23rd ) In the evening, Myolie posted photos of her birthday party on social platforms, and left a sentimental message: “When I met Mr. Li, he was only 41 years old, so he has entered the early 50s so quickly, time flies too fast, we must cherish everything. Thank you to all the relatives and friends for your congratulations and blessings, I really like the last photo, Happy birthday LG (husband)!”

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